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Throwback Art - 19871020 "From the Halls of Bethel High" - Skull

20 Oct. 1987 By Lon Bennett - Bio

"Throwback Art From the Halls of Bethel High" This newsprint and pencil drawing was found in the Lon Bennett archives. The nuclear cloud, skull, leather jacket, anti-peace and frowning face says it all.

In the 1980's we were pretty much kissing our asses goodbye. To have such a sophisticated minds and all of this education, jobs, money, stability made no sense when we knew that at any second we could be annihilated. At the same time we were learning to create a new vision. Doing it our selves. We gained skill, respect, notoriety and infamy.  -- ED. ABN

© Lon Bennett 1987 - 2017 All Rights Reserved. - Throwback Art - 19871020 "From the Halls of Bethel High"

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Flyer - 19871002 - Abracadavers, SS Crux, Screaming Silence

2. Oct 1987 By Alex Nuttall - Bio Thomas McDonald Joey Rudicil Greg Willis

Flyer - 19871002 - Abracadavers, SS Crux, Screaming Silence Thomas McDonald of the band The Record Collection posted this on 13 Aug 2017 in remembrance of his friend Joey Rudicil who passed away. Greg Willis of the band The Nerve Scheme passed this on to us.

Alex Nuttall used to play in the band Screaming Silence with Mike Duncan, Zalph Andrews, and Jeff Gay. Before Screaming Silence the band was called the K-9's. At one point Alex Nuttall was not with the band and Scott Furr played guitar for Screaming Silence.

The shows date was maybe 1987.  Anyone who knows more details about this flyer please share with us.

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--Ed 20170813

No Power

10 Sept 1987 By Alex Nuttall - Bio

In New York, one night, in 1965
The lights went out
No electricity had triggered true anarchy

People caught in a city;
“Oh, my God. no electricity!“

People caught in a city;
Running around, it's anarchy.

Did people loot. no!
No authority;
They were free without electricity.

Lending out helping hands
And they were free, unwatched citizens.

A news poll was taken from several papers
and magazines. Many people actually
enjoyed the situation. Others had even said
that they had wished that it would never
have ended.

People caught in a city;
Helping each other; ,
No electricity.

The crime rate had actually gone down;
And there were no cops
Standing around;
It seems that the police were busy with

People caught in a city
Enjoy the taste of anarchy;

No authority to store you into action. '
Just ordinary people who co-operated.

Unfortunately, people still hold on to the old idea that
government is needed Even with the proof that tw…