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When We Get Old

20 January 1994 By Alex Nuttall - Bio

Dream l dreamt about that one that is
You now;
You know that l do still dream and I
Know that you do also;

Dream l dreamt again that we would
Talk ‘ever;

Dream l dreamt about, you know:
Your eyes, your self; your mouth;

Dream l talk to you, even thee i sing...

Dream among your head, fast asleep in bed;
Watching over you watching over me;
Passing time would be so well, as you say,
When we get old;
I hope the elegance never wares and our
Freedom is a waltz, don‘t you know;
We have secret communicated so much so
That we still know our hearts do bind;
Yea, I change my mind every so and so;
I hope that you can see the love you have
For me is a treasure I do stow
As I meander on the go;

Dream, l dreamt you did, dream about
But darling I must tell, 'twas not just
What you dreamed!
l was there. you see, and you were there
in me;

My cheeks flushed like a rose, you'd walk
in, everyone knows;

We do... we stay afraid for what we tend
To me…

Pashyati | पश्यति

17. Jan. 1994
By Alex Nuttall - Bio

Oh the sadness The eternal blindness Yet, one knows of the eye Always it is seeing Change, Flash; Blindness.
Oh, the joy! The eternal creation By the eternal blind  That makes one blind  Ready to see.
Hey! Hey! Hey!
Hey, Brahma! You there, sleeping—creating! Hey, Vishnu! You there, playing—preserving! Hey, Siva! You there, dancing—Destroying! 
Hey, Atman, you there, careless, just enjoying It All.

By Thejas Panarkandy from India - Murudeshwara Statue, CC BY-SA 2.0, Link

Poetry by Alex Nuttall, title: Pashyati - Seeing, Original Date: 19940117 – © Alex Nuttall / OgFOMK ArTS 1994 – 2017 – Retro-published 20170914.

Enjoying the role the Hindu gods play is enough to brighten the day of the spiritual traveler who drops his birth myths for something new. Somehow the explanation hits to the root center. Mankind wants an explanation for the good and bad. Mostly mankind want a promise of the good.

Photo: By Thejas Panarkandy from India - Murudeshwara Stat…