Le Nouveau Rocheux-Route En L'état

20. Mar. 1994

Broken, scattered fragments from life before…
This leash I've set and written to…
This life…
This hard chest-bomb,
It’s alright,
I feel a wind and a generous sun.

old wind
old window
old wind-chime
old winding road
old day

This old footprint, stuck in the sand,
It will blow away again.

Poetry by Alex Nuttall, title: Le Nouveau Rocheux-Route En L'état, Original Date: 19940320 –
© Alex Nuttall / OgFOMK ArTS 1994 – 2017 – Retro-published 20170813.

Making the journey forward is not easy. It can be a rocky-road. It can be difficult. It also has to be tread upon. We may not see the eveidence of travel because sand can be blown away.

Keywords: #Sand. #Poetry, #Road, #Journey #AlexNuttall #OgFOMK

“Le Nouveau Rocheux-Route En L'état“ – 20. Mar. 1994 – #AlexNuttall #Poetry #Road


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