Goober Pea Valhalla

15. Feb. 1995

Done his laundry at the
“Suckin’ Beer Swill, ...Pizza and Do your Fucking Laundry”

It felt good.
He felt like a god among gods on Mount Olympus,
Mount Olympus had no other white male gods,
Just an older female white goddess,
Who was dressed in her Sunday best
With her daughter – He guessed ‘bout
Eleven years old, or so –
Didn’t matter much,
The rest – The rest were all black –
‘Cept two Orientals, one Hispanic, and
Satan, who was leaving.

There was a strong old black god in there
And he was mean.
He hulled peanuts, ate them and threw them on the
That black bad god would drink beer there too,
Just like he who was the white laundering god.

The white god watched that old black god with
He labeled the other as
“The big nigger with peanuts.”

The Hispanic goddess would run around
Sweeping up the peanut hulls and serving
Beer to both the white and black gods.

The white god, then, had a vision about
It All and he realized that in fact he was the one
Who he saw hulling peanuts and making that
Hispanic goddess hustle.

So in the middles of It All he closed his eyes
And plugged his ears and shut his mouth

"Goober Pea Valhalla" by Alex Nuttall
"Goober Pea Valhalla" by Alex Nuttall

Poetry by Alex Nuttall, title: Goober Pea Valhalla, Original Date: 19950215 – © Alexander Blair Nuttall / OgFOMK ArTS 1995 – 2017 – Retro-published 20170728.

In the laundromat there are gods who like it or not are just like me and you. Drawing: "Goober Pea Valhalla" by Alex Nuttall

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