Hokey Signes

15. Feb. 1995

Black and White
Day and night
Fire burns to create carbon,

This old cigarette
"In Hokey Signes Victory"...

And I am left without my friend
And he's got money this time
And he was going to buy me that drink!

You depend on someone...
You depend on yourself...
You depend, and it gets deeper,

You just better be glad that I write,
'Cos I'm telling on the man,
And he's just out there bullshittin' you all,
'Cos I know him,
Sometimes we have a drink or two.

20140504-2044 Portsmouth Man
20140504-2044 Portsmouth Man

Poetry by Alex Nuttall, title: Hokey Signes , Original Date: 19950215 – © Alex Nuttall / OgFOMK ArTS 1995 – 2017 – Retro-published 20170811.

This poem is about that time that you were alone and you wanted to drink with your friend but that friend didn't want to drink with you. You were so angry you wrote a poem about it. You were so angry you were smoking Pall Malls. You were so angry you read the Latin phrase and realized it was crap too!

Keywords: Smoking, Pall Malls, Drinking, Friendship, Money

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