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The Narrow Is Wide

1. Feb. 1998
By Alex Nuttall - Bio

Almost stopped the words from moving
There beginning the long trip down Narrow’s Road
Felling the way to the Braille highway
Bling in one eye
And can’t see out the other
Gathering the stone to buy a highway ticket
Traveling down the wayward path
Not there that the straight and narrow
But the crooked and wide Narrow’s Road.

So what are you saying, Love?
That this one can’t afford your hand?
That you are going on to the other land?
That this was just a crossroad?
That this was a place to just off-load?
Your self and soul?

Now hit the road it’s all getting too cold
There can be nothing but unbearable loads
Of heart heavies with cold gusts of air
Swishing between and making it all seem like
Crying would be a good idea now.

No one is looking,
Time to make the chest heavy and let the sobs roll
On and on and on
Let the love be the diameter of the sob’s wheel
And roll on and on and on.

And the end of the word is like a joke,
There is no end.