Montag @ 0230, 29 June 1998

29. Jun. 1998

I guess that I am writing now, because I can not
Talk to Christine,
What are poems about anyway?

I used to think that I could rule the world as
An anarchist,
But I should have listened to Papa
And studied more about design and the way things
In some way I am listening.

I once said that I was a poet,
Sure, I was a poet,
That is why they made machines to handle words,
Because someone was listening.

I am calling San Fran to speak to someone,
But it is Sunday and even they are asleep there.
I am trying to call my cousin Bri.,
But he is asleep too.
Shoot, Man, ain’t somebody awake?

I could talk to Corey, but he got shot in the face
In P-town and he’s dead.
I could talk to Steve,
But he died of AIDS and that Marinol never saved his
Skinny, white, ass;
But Josh was up in San Fran and he lamented about
How he had to work--
Hell, I got to work, too!

In San Fran it is
Here it is 0234,
In England it is 0634.
I’ve got to get up at 0600 Eastern Daylight Time
And go on to work
But I am still hanging on and not forgetting that time that
Al called my apartment four years ago and wanted to
Speak to me and she said, “Hey, this is Allison...”
and I
Hung up on her because it was too late.
I said,
“Look, I am married and I can not talk to you.”

We are all on so many path’s of God’s big disintegration.
Time to leave words and maybe it will all bring us back to
The center.

Montag @ 0230, 29 June 1998
Montag @ 0230, 29 June 1998


Poetry by Alex Nuttall, title: Montag @ 0230, 29 June 1998, Original Date: 19980629 – © Alex Nuttall / OgFOMK ArTS 1998 – 2017 – Retro-published 20170823.

Early in the morning before the sun was up our hero was dwelling on all things life. Running through the names and faces of people he knew. He makes a phone call or two. Recollections and reflections. Some dead names, some old names, some current names and some names nearly forgotten. Sleep returned once it was realized that neither he nor God was in control.

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© Alex Nuttall / OgFOMK ArTS 1998 - 2017 - 20170823 -ABN – Ed Date: 2017-08-23 01:57

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