Just Imagine, My Son

28 Sept 1998 

Just im a gine the sun 
Foll ow ing the ri ver
It sens es the life
Co ming out of the u ni verse.

What a lie I have told you,
My son, I do not know
What the sun sens es.

Just im a gine that it
Is there for you,
Be cause it is,
Why else would you know It?

Son, I love you.
I watched you feed by your moth er‘s breast.
You suc kled and you wept.
You lov ed your mother
And I lov ed her through you.

Just i mag ine
What it was like,
My son.
You now hold your fish ing pole
And yet you do not wish to catch
Be cause you have your father.
Your hook has not been checked for an hour
Or so
And you smile to your old-man
And a tear goes out of you
Like some squeez ed fruit.
Son, love your mother.
Love her boos em.
Love her.
Love life.

Call her, your mo ther, and then
Call your wife;
Call your sis ter,
Call your daugh ter,
Catt your vir gin moth er Ma ry,
And call your mis tress;
Call Kali
Call Sha Di Yah

Just im ag ine the sun,
If you would, my son,
Be cause I love you
And that is All that mat ters to me now,

And son, re mem ber the wo men, too.
The sun, they can al so see.

© Alexander Blair Nuttall / OGFOMK Arts 1998
© Alexander Blair Nuttall / OgFOMK ArTS 1998 - 2017
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