Hempcar will introduce 17 billion dollars into the economy

2 Mar. 2001
Original Published on Kuro5hin.org
By ogfomk (Alex Nuttall)

Hempcar Crew (2001) 1983 Mercedes Benz 300 Turbo Diesel

The Hempcar and crew will be making a historic tour across the United States and Canada this summer 2001. What makes this tour historic are two things. One item of history will be the use of a bio-mass diesel fuel for over 10,000 miles. The other item of history will be that the bio-mass diesel is made from hemp seed oil.

This endeavor has so far been sponsored by hemp industry interests and advocates: The Hemp Industries Association , Hemp World, Inc. , The Ohio Hempery , Hemp Oil Canada , Appal Energy , and NORML .

The car itself was donated by a partner of the Motley Fool investor group. It is a 1983 Mercedes Benz 300 Turbo Diesel. It is an ordinary diesel car. The fuel is manufactured per the specs of the original inventor of the diesel engine Rudolf Diesel. His first engine was powered by peanut oil. Why are truckers and train operators in the United States paying for high fuel costs? Why are the United States Navy, Army and Coast Guard paying high prices for foreign fuels that we can make at home? The answer is simple. We do not know any better. The same hemp that Thomas Jefferson and George Washington grew, is considered by United States Federal Law to be a controlled substance under the Drug Enforcement Agency. This has no scientific fact or reasoning behind it.

The Hempcar intends to spotlight and change our knowledge in the areas of hemp use and to show us all that we can have simple cost effective alternatives to the fuels we are currently using.

How is it made? The hemp bio-diesel is made from the pressed oil of hemp seeds. The molecular stricture of the hemp seed oil is huge so lye is introduced via methanol to break down the molecules to act more efficiently in the compression to heat activation of the hemp seed oil. The creates a hemp bio-diesel. Its flash point is around 300° F. (145° C ). It is very safe. Its safeness is the same as vegetable oil. It is non-toxic so if there were spills from this the safety concern would be in slippery roads. All of the hemp bio-diesel is biodegradable. The by product from the manufactured fuel is soap. The active ingredients can be re-used for for future manufacture. The soapy by product can be used in the manufacture of biodegradable anti-freeze. Why are we not currently growing our own fuel?

The re-introduction of hemp as a viable marketable crop for the farmers of the United States would be a great blessing to our economy. Traditionally poor states that rely on agriculture or strip mining can use their lands to produce food, fuels and fibers. The marketing limits are only by creativity. All big businesses know that creative marketing and customer service build a company more so than what a company sells. Imagine how much easier their marketing strategies will be when big business does not have to hide where its products are coming from. It is simple. Big business needs only to choose what it wants to market. It is simple for the smaller businesses too. They can provide market strategies for highly personalized agricultural product services.

The Hempcar Transamerica Tour this summer will reach well over 20,000,000 people intimately in this 40 city tour. Traffic helicopters will spot the Hempcar and millions of news viewers will see this. In the city stops the Hempcar crew will talk about hemp, bio-mass fuels, and other concerned green issues. The idea is to let the general public know that we all have a greater choice in our lives than what we are currently paying for and using.

Some people have been asking about the price of the fuel now. The price is currently about $70.00 a gallon. It is expensive. But the fuel does not have to be. Not only that, but big industrial oil companies do not have to miss out on their involvement in its marketing. Once again, the solution is simple.

The infrastructure of the oil companies is excellent. They already have the stations to distribute, the refineries and storage containers to manufacture, and the know how to market the bio-mass fuels. Instead of taking great cost measures, paying environmental fines and polluting the air with toxic smoke, the oil companies can differ those costs in providing first the bio-diesel. Eventually in less than five years the cost can be down to as low as $0.32 a gallon. This is also with a tidy profit for the efforts of farmers, manufacturers and marketing gurus.

Our energy needs and resources that we currently need and use need to change. Help us to support the Hempcar Transamerica Tour. We can all be proud at the finish line.

Originally published on Kuro5hin (dot) org. The day I published it it actually made front page. Hempcar was definitely a cool project to work on and looking back today it was a trail blazing project.

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