Drawing - 20020810 Charcoal on Newsprint 02

30. Jan. 1970

Drawing by Alex Nuttall, title: Drawing - 20020810 Charcoal on Newsprint 02, Original Date: 20020810 – © Alex Nuttall / OgFOMK ArTS 2002 – 2017 – Retro-published 20170821.

Patiently she waited for the end of the world. It didn't come fast enough. In her grips his eyes lowered. There could be no realism. Shifting violently in the chair his grandmother used to own. He realized the boyish face was too much. He lowered the charcoal stick and went out to cut the grass.

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“Drawing - 20020810 Charcoal on Newsprint 02“ – 10. Aug. 2002 – #Drawing #Charcoal


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