Chatter and The Korean Peninsula

Chatter. I went for my morning walk listening to NPR on the radio. North Korea and South Korea in a another pickle. Since it was artillery involved I somehow think about how glorious a mission it must have been for whoever started it first. Most of us believe it was the North that started it.

The real reason artillery exists is so that we can blow stuff up from far away without getting too close to the bad-guys. To me the whole North Korean and South Korean instance is like the Hatfields and McCoys. Of course I don't know anything.

If you have ever fought with a relative, friend or neighbor then you know that it can get ugly. It's a sad dynamic. What's worse is that the suffering that is caused by this has nothing to do with the real issue in the first place. It is anger gone out of control. Anger is a typhoon that starts and eventually stops with mixed results but mostly pain.

The worst thing that we can do is act out of fear regarding this. Let's face it there are children involved. Grown children with big toys and larger tempers. If we care about these people then we need to let them know it. If we don't care about these people then they will find us and show us how they care for each other.

All over the place there is suffering and misconduct. All actions that produce this are based on individual selfish ideas that are justified by hate and anger. If I think that the Koreans are all crazy then I fail to see what is happening in my own back yard. This place we live on is a ball. There is no beginning but there is always the possibility of end. Whatever you can do, do it. Just make sure that its something worth discussing in the future.

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