Soviet President Medvedev Enslaves AP Journalist Ben Feller

In the grander scale of things Ben Feller of The Associated Press probably just goofed. When I stand in the line of my local grocery store and pick up my Sunday paper, The Virginian Pilot, as an impulse buy, I am thinking that I will get some news that I can leisurely read in between the commercials of the CBS Sunday Morning show. I read along and then hit page 6 of my newspaper. Of course I am interested because, "Obama wraps up Asia trip with focus on Russian diplomacy." I read the article until I hit the second paragraph. Buzz kill: "...Soviet President Dimitry Medvedev..." I stop reading. I want to throw the newspaper in the trash.

For those of you who don't know the Soviet Union was the principal governing body of Russia, Eastern Europe and Middle Asia from 1922 to 1991. For a United States newspaper and press organisation to call a leader of a country an incorrect government label is like stating that the President of the United States, Barack Obama, is the President of the Confederate States of America. Its dumb and does not make any sense.

Sure this could happen maybe in 1991 or 1992, but in 2010 I think it shows that the psyche of the writer and the editors who are supposed to guide us through the text of professional journalism are stuck in the mire of old thinking. This is detrimental to the newspaper and our society in general because these same pundits who presuppose how ignorant and uniformed the common man is are wondering why we are misinformed.

In all fairness I looked up Mr. Feller's work and I found that indeed other works he wrote stated correctly the Mr. Medvedev was the president of Russia. This one slipped through the cracks. The crack however was purchased by me for $2.00.

If you want to save the newspaper, you need to earn your keep because today I paid your salary! Lets do the math: Impulse buy = $2.00 per second. That's $63,072,000 a year. Of course if the people who have money no longer purchase your/a newspaper you can put a (-) in front of that figure. 365 (days a year) * 24 (hours) = 8,760 (hours). 8,760 (hours) * 60 (minutes) = 525,600 (minutes). 525600 (minutes) * 60 (seconds) = 31536000 (seconds (in a year)). 31536000 (seconds in a year) * $2.00 (USD) = $63,072,000. I don't know about you, but that is a lot of money. If you could focus on the accuracy of reporting then maybe the result would be fecund not faecal.

The AP White House Correspondent needs to realise that what he is writing is critical. If you missssspellllll something I will forgive you, but if you have your head in your 4th point of contact while expostulating the affairs of the world I will remind you to recover and get some fresh air.

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