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One thing is certain. For a guy who is my age and of sound mind and body I am not right.

Right is that functional place between left over and passed on. Right is good. Right is the Bible. Right is the serpent going into the Garden of Eden. Right is perfect. That is what I am not.

This past year on March 11, 2011 Japan had a 9.0 earthquake. This past week I finished reading Kurt Vonnegut's Timequake. At the end of Chapter 3 Kurt Vonnegut writes: “All I had to do was deliver a message he (Andrei Sakhorov) had sent. This was it 'Don't give up on nuclear energy.' I spoke like a robot.”

The last time I read a Kurt Vonnegut book was in 1993 before last week. So be it.

Another thing is certain to me. I used to watch the news everyday until a few days after the Japanese earthquake. Libya was the topping on the cake. Most recently the shit-pile has been fed by the impending government shut-down or half-shutdown or what-the-fuck...

In 1995 I …

Republican Senator Herb Bateman Taught Me This

By Alex Nuttall - Bio

In 1988 I was going to Thomas Nelson Community College or as we referred to it at the time Harvard by the Highway. I was 18 years old. I had a Mohawk. I was a member of the student council. I was a libertarian (read anarchist).
My best friend at the time was Raul. He was a Young Republican. Our mutual friend was Jim. He was a Young Democrat. We all met at a student government meeting. We had, as luck would find, all sat at the same table. We didn't say much to each other before the meeting. Once the meeting began everyone was asked who they were and who they represented.
Jim introduced himself: “I am Jim Meisner and I am with the Young Democrats.”
Next was Raul: “I am Raul Carvajal and I am with the Young Republicans.”
I was the last in line at the table beside Raul. I had to think quick. I was not there with anyone. I was a Punk in a band called the K-9s. I was an anarchist. I said: “Hello, my name is Alex Nuttall and I am with the Libertarian Party.” I figu…

Why I am not trading for a few months and investing in Self. $$

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The Sell Off I sold all my lowly shares of $PWAV.  That's Powerwave Technologies for those of you who have just stepped into the conversation.  I sold 30.  That's not a lot, but that was enough for me.
What's Next? Something tugged at my intellectual heart-strings. If you know me, you will know that there is barely a line between my heart, head, and stomach.  This makes me a well rounded lucky fool.  So what happened was that I read my latest favorite personality Jim Altucher who I have a truck load of respect for.  What he pointedly made me think of was that I needed to invest in myself before I invest my money in anything else.
Now if you have a lot of disposable income it might be a good idea for you to find a broker that you trust and invest with him or her. You might do a trinity of two brokers (who don't know each other but you trust) and get an investing account for yourself. This way you can win if everyone plays fare, but if you have some u…

Part V of the Neophyte Trader: Slacking off to round up

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The Mask In order to put you off the trail that I did absolutely no trading, investing, changing or seeding of my account I will discuss the last segment of this Neophyte Trading.
Here is a blog I read this morning that is useful for anyone who wants to trade and learn from a pro:
Upside Trader Trading Resolutions

$PWAV Powerwave Technologies NASDAQ:PWAV PWAV blew up this week hitting $4.13 now sitting at $3.73.  This is more valuable than when I sold it. I had 18 shares. I still think its a good pick but I am unable to invest anymore at this time.  Since I like the company I will continue to watch them. I hope they do well.

$ORCL Oracle Corporation NASDAQ:ORCL ORCL did a great job this week. It stands at $33.68.  This is the highest ($33.71) it has been in 10 years. I am happy with this. Since I have two little shares. It is good for me. I'd like to get more, but I have to wait.

$HAIN The Hain Celestial Group, Inc. NASDAQ:HAIN HAIN reached $31.25 and has dipped…

Useful Tools For Financial Management of Stocks Part IV of Neophyte Trader

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A Death in the Family
This past week was a very emotional and stressful week. My Uncle Reed died. He wasn't one of those uncle's that you thought was boorish and full of complacent chaff. Uncle Reed was a man I knew for 41 years. He told me so many jokes.  He helped me to learn about fishing, hunting, and construction. When I became a vegetarian (1986) (footnote at bottom of post), he made vegetarian sandwiches for me when I visited. He helped me to be confident in spite of adversity. He also educated me about business. He owned his own business for 35 years. If you have never owned your own business, you don't know anything about business.
One time Reed was with my dad and I fishing back in 1984. I was 14 years old. We were drifting in the Chesapeake Bay. It was almost quiet. Water lapped against the boat gently. You could here the drag of a fishing reel once I while click-click-click as the weight of the lead bobbed on the bottom with bait on the hoo…

An New Trade in Trading Stocks 3 Parts

$PWAV, $ORCL, Part III Trading Novice Exposure for Wealth Generation

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This past week was particularly good for my new trade as a trader.

01/03/2011 2:26 PMBought45 BGP@$0.92$-45.90Executed
01/04/2011 09:30 AMSold45 BGP@$0.90$35.99Executed
01/10/2011 09:30 AMBought1 ORCL@$30.85$-35.35Executed
01/20/2011 09:30 AMBought

Oracle and Powerwave $ORCL and $PWAV

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Last week I posted my humble beginnings as a trader. This will be my way of showing what happens right or wrong.
Powerwave Technologies: $PWAV is currently at $3.46. I purchased 7 more  shares at $3.43 on the 26th of January 2011.  This makes my shares and average of $3.55 in cost for 14 shares. If we factor in the two trades at $4.5 each with a total of $9.00 in commission my total value is at a $-10.26 gain.  Ouch! Remember the first goal is to have the trade pay for itself. Since the current value is $3.46 I have in effect reduced my investment. I am still confident in my choice so I have a mental sell should the value drop further: I will sell if it reaches 3.18 or 3.20.  
With a little kind help I have gathered some input on my trade: The ArmoTrader has charted $PWAV on Stocktwits'  I also have checked into another trader: TheConfidentInvestor who has given this stock a "poor" rating.  His position is clear: He is not confident th…

Healthcare as a Tax Deduction

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Let's consider this: I have barely had healthcare since I left college in 1988. For most of my adult life (I am soon to be 41) I have not had any health insurance. Sometimes I have had a job with it.  Most of the time I have had a job without. I was excited when lawmakers were considering healthcare for the masses. Now I understand that it is something idiots like me don't need and can live without. Self insurance is what we really need.  OK.
I would now like to see no healthcare bill. Just can it. What I would like to see is a general tax deduction of healthcare. 
Here is how it will work:

If you buy health insurance it is 100% tax deductible.  You still have to pay for it out of your pocket, so you need to go to work. If you know that you will be reimbursed for your health insurance you can get a policy that  meets your needs based on the deductible you want to leverage risk against.Your deductible is tax deductible too. You know that if you have to pay …

Ubuntu, Gwibber, Twitter, Stocktwits, Zecco and Investing

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Redhat $RHT and Linux
In 1999 Redhat became an IPO. I had begun using Linux by reading books with distribution CDs at about this same time. When Redhat $RHT became an IPO millionaires were made.  At it's hight December 1999 RHT was near $137 a share. At it's lowest September 14, 2001 RHT fetched $3.14 a share. I didn't know much about stocks, but I knew Redhat was good.  Why?  Because it was a market for Linux.  Redhat was an customer based software educator business.  
Redhat was training businesses to fend for themselves in software. Software that allowed you to do anything. You did not need to have a proprietary license.  You just needed to have trained people (which you had to have anyway). The remarkable thing was that what was under the hood was a fully and actively developed technology that your people could adapt without legal recourse. It was Open Source.
So Redhat's stock was devalued.  Big deal.  Redhat kept moving with Linux. Linux is e…