Apriori Flower 01:01 - Observation and Discussion

Apriori Flower 01:01 20161127 © OgFOMK ArTS

Apriori Flower 20161127 - Apriori and King Flower are Talking
Apriori Flower 20161127 - Apriori and King Flower are Talking


Frame 1:

Apriori Flower: What are you doing?

Frame 2:

King Flower: The same thing you are doing?
Apriori Flower: I'm watching you.

Frame 3:

King Flower: Exactly.

Frame 4:
Apriori Flower: So you are watching you too!

Frame 5:

King Flower: Yes.
Apriori Flower: Oh.


Apriori Flower is the dialogue of the mind where the mind is learning to be the master. There are two flowers and these flowers discuss observing. The big flower is King Flower. The small flower is Apriori. King Flower is the master and Apriori is learning to be the master.

A priori is knowledge that is self evident. It has no proof. It is a suspected knowledge. It is a lot like faith but there is a cause and effect. Apriori is the flower in your mind. The master is that faith. It is a developed trust. It is empirical which is what a priori is not. Apriori leads to the knowledge that can not be proven. It can only be experienced. You are the proof.

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