Apriori Flower 01:04 - What is Noble?

Apriori Flower 01:04 - 20161130 © OgFOMK ArTS

Apriori Flower 01:04 - What is Noble?
Apriori Flower 01:04 - What is Noble?


Frame 1: 

King Flower: What is the benefit of being the King Flower?
Apriori Flower: The King Flower is the Master!

Frame 2:

Apriori Flower: He is the Master of Practice! The King Flower knows time is limited and he must practice mindfully.

Frame 3:

King Flower: And the King Flower controls everything! The King Flower controls others. The King Flower will make everything right!
Apriori Flower: No!

Frame 4: 
Apriori Flower: The King Flower controls everything he sees. As the Queen Flower she enjoys the same power. That control is practice of the 5 practices with meditation.
King Flower: I see. How do you know this?

Frame 5:
Apriori Flower: I wanted property to be noble, yesterday. Now I see property has to be taken care of. My mind is my property. My deeds are its practice.
King Flower: This Kingdom is mine. All of this is mine. Where does this Kingdom become yours?

Frame 6: 

Apriori Flower: You have given me everything. We share it with others. Some neglect and some protect. It is still my responsibility and practice.
King Flower: We will share this.


King Flower, the Master, is describing what is noble. Here he is revealing the Noble Eightfold Path of Buddhism. Apriori does not fully understand all of this. Apriori is however fully engaged in practice. Understanding cause and effect Apriori realizes that to be the king is to be mindful of practice.

Apriori is also starting to understand that he is a reflection of King Flower or even that King Flower is a reflection of him. Apriori wants to be the King Flower and the King Flower shows that meditative practice is the way to being the master of everything.

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