Apriori Flower 01:06 - 2nd Prescribed Practice

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Frame 1: 

Apriori Flower: In a noble kingdom property is respected.
King Flower: 2. Respect Property

Frame 2:

King Flower: This is respecting the work of others. Everything that you see was created before you.
Apriori Flower: How can I earn a living?

Frame 3:

King Flower: (NO DIALOGUE)
Apriori Flower: (NO DIALOGUE)

Frame 4: 

King Flower: Earning a living is part of your practice. You have to work with others in order to achieve your goals. As a flower you convert the Sun’s light into energy and you share that energy with others for food.
Apriori Flower: Who owns the Sun. How can I take from it without disappointing someone else.

Frame 5:

King Flower: Sometimes we take without knowing but we know we are taking.
Apriori Flower: So we thank the Sun for its gift to us. We practice  this as to Respect Property.

Frame 6: 

King Flower: When we realize that we are taking we thank the source or ask for forgiveness from taking.
Apriori Flower: I salute the Sun! I salute all that I have taken!


Apriori states that the noble kingdom respects property. This is the 2nd of the Five Prescribed Practices which King Flower is sharing with Apriori. Property is defined here as the work of others. There is also the need for making a living. In order to make a living one must take the work of others or one must work with others to get what one needs.

If we don’t know who made the material we take, then we respect it in itself. If we are not sure who made the material we use, then we respect the material itself. We salute the material. We know that energy which is life created this material in time. We enhance our practice by respecting the property of others even if we do not know them.

Finally if we learn that the thing that we have has been the work of someone else and we have in correctly taken it then we ask forgiveness. We improve our practice. Maybe we have something to trade for this. Or maybe we do not need it at all. In the end Apriori salutes the Sun for giving the flower energy.

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