Apriori Flower 01:07 - 3rd Prescribed Practice

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Frame 1: 

King Flower: 3. Respect Sex. This is the third practice that is very important.
Apriori Flower: How do I do that? I’m a flower.

Frame 2:

King Flower: We flowers have desire for beauty and each other. Our sex is simple. Our craving is what can lead to unhappiness.
Apriori Flower: Craving?

Frame 3:

King Flower: When you crave for one flower, then you crave for another and another. You find yourself always hungry.
Apriori Flower: I’m just appreciating beauty.  

Frame 4: 

King Flower: Do you think of other flowers? Do you wish to pull off their petals? Do you wish to remove their leaves?
Apriori Flower: No! I just appreciate how they are and imagine nice things.

Frame 5:

King Flower: Making another being an object is a future of suffering. It is the same as destroying her.
Apriori Flower: I want to increase compassion. I will practice this too. 


King Flower discusses the 3rd good practice which is also the 3rd of the Five Precepts. This is to Respect Sex. Apriori Flower finds himself in a bind. He is a flower. What does he have to do with respecting sex? 

King Flower points out that Apriori has his mind on another flower. King knows that a young flower's mind will wonder. King also knows that unchecked this wandering will lead to depression and suffering. 

Apriori justifies his daydreaming by not identifying it as craving. King Flower describes this thinking as craving. The craving becomes an artificial hunger. 

King Flower finally relates that craving is as if doing violence. King Flower knows that everything is temporary. Thinking or dwelling on beauty is the same as destroying it. Whoever thinks over and over about this craving will never be satisfied. He or she will never be sincere. He or she will one day hurt the feelings of another. He or she may even physically abuse another.

In the end there is sex and then there is compassion. Apriori realizes his goal of mindfulness and good practice needs to include the respect of sex. Without the respect of sex there will be overpopulation, exploitation, and suffering. 

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