Apriori Flower 01:09 - 5th Prescribed Practice

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Frame 1:

King Flower: 5. Respect Mind is the 5th Petal and practice. This makes our crown complete.
Apriori Flower Flower: What does it mean to respect mind?

Frame 2:

King Flower: Our mind is a mix of biology and energy. This is consciousness.
Apriori Flower Flower: My mind is clear with focused practice.

Frame 3:

King Flower: There are chemicals that affect our minds. They make us careless and even sick.
Apriori Flower Flower: Has this happened?

Frame 4:

King Flower: One time Bee brought strange pollen? It made us feel different. We wanted more.
Apriori Flower: Yes! I asked her to bring more.

Frame 5:

King Flower: It also made all of us sick. We ended up with trouble.
Apriori Flower: I remember! We asked Bee not to bring anymore.

Frame 6:

King Flower: Bee is careful now. She was also affected.
Apriori Flower: Yes, she was unable to get our nectar for her honey.

Frame 7:

King Flower: We realized that we had a craving. It changed us.
Apriori Flower: We let the craving go. We improved our practice.


King Flower has finally given Apriori Flower the teaching of the last of the Five Petals. The Five Petals are the jewels of the crown. The Five Petals are metaphorically the Five Precepts of Buddhism. Buddhism is the study of the Buddha who had awakened his mind.

The 5th Petal is Respect Mind. This also means to be sober. We are aware that certain chemicals affect us. Once we are aware there is the action of avoiding what we have determined is harmful because it affects our mind. Each individual in our society must make the decision.

It is like watching a train smash into a car. You see this happen. You hear about it happen. Do you need to park your car on the tracks to find out if this is true?

The mind is the most valuable tool that we have in liberating our selves from the mire of everyday life. Meditation will decompress the mind with practice. Making the mind distracted is only erratic practice.

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