Apriori Flower 01:10 - Awakened Mind

COPYRIGHT: Apriori Flower 01:10 20161206 © OgFOMK ArTS
COPYRIGHT: Apriori Flower 01:10 20161206 © OgFOMK ArTS


Frame 1:

King Flower: Do you remember when you were a bud?
Apriori Flower: I remember some but not much.

Frame 2:

King Flower: At what point do you remember?
Apriori Flower: I'm not sure. You pointed out a bud and said I was like this once.

Frame 3:

Apriori Flower: I used my imagination at that time and I went back in my memory to that point.
King Flower: What did you remember?

Frame 4:

Apriori Flower: I remember darkness, then shapes and light. Eventually I could distinguish some things from other things.
King Flower:Your memory was like a flower bud.

Frame 5:

Apriori Flower: My memory is a flower bud!
King Flower: Your mind is a flower bud.

Frame 6:

King Flower: There was a human who was called Buddha. A lotus flower is symbolic for him.
Apriori Flower: A lotus flower is beautiful but it grows from stinky, muddy water.

Frame 7:

King Flower: Thus the Buddha was the awakened mind. His mind was a bud that flowered.
Apriori Flower: My practice is the bud to flower as awakened mind.


Apriori Flower is brought into a historical teaching from his own perspective. For some of us this is an effective means to obtain greater knowledge. The knowledge he learns is the knowledge of his mind blooming.

The concept of Buddha is introduced here as a play on the word Buddha and bud. A bud is a flower in the preparation of blooming. It is like a baby becoming grown. Apriori reflects on the time when he only saw dark, then shapes and then light. For him he understands misunderstanding to understanding.

The lotus flower is compared to the Buddha's awakening and also to Apriori's own life. King wants Apriori to know that he will become awakened.

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