Apriori Flower 01:11 - Always Practicing

COPYRIGHT: Apriori Flower 01:11 20161207 © OgFOMK ArTS


Frame 1:

King Flower: Did you see me watching myself?
Apriori Flower: Is that why you were quiet?

Frame 2:

King Flower: I was quiet because I was watching myself.
Apriori Flower: I was watching you too.

Frame 3:

King Flower: When you were watching me. What did you learn.
Apriori Flower:I saw you swaying in the breeze. I saw you following the sun.

Frame 4:

King Flower: When I was swaying in the breeze what did you learn?
Apriori Flower:I learned to observe you. I observed you to grow.

Frame 5:

King Flower: When I was following the sun what did you learn?
Apriori Flower: I learned that you were following the sun.

Frame 6:

King Flower: Watching myself how can I follow the sun?
Apriori Flower: You were practicing by being silent.

Frame 7:

King Flower: Everything we do is practice. Watching myself is practice.
Apriori Flower: Watching you is practice. What am I learning about me?


Practice is something we do all of the time. We have erratic or focused practice. Meditation is paying attention to silence while practicing. Even when playing music there is a focus on silence. The silence is what the music rests upon. Silence is the foundation.

Apriori is now unsure that he is learning about himself. King, he sees, is well into his own practice. The silence now leads Apriori to doubt. Doubt is a silent foundation to truth. The Dhamma is the protector because doubt removes obstacles. We may become despondent but with focused practice we become confident.

Practice is doing what we can do. By doing we grow in merit. By doing we grow. Our actions and the observed results increase our ability to achieve. It is up to us to make good of all of our actions.

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