Apriori Flower 01:18 - Fearless by Practice

COPYRIGHT: Apriori Flower 01:18 20161214 © OgFOMK ArTS
COPYRIGHT: Apriori Flower 01:18 20161214 © OgFOMK ArTS


Frame 1: 

Apriori Flower: The lawnmower cuts us down as great warriors pass too.
King Flower: The lawnmower comes and goes as do we.

Frame 2:

Apriori Flower: Even as we flowers take ground so does a manicured lawn.
King Flower: The manicured lawn is once where warriors stood.

Frame 3:

Apriori Flower: This land was fought for, farmed and manicured.
King Flower: The lawnmower is no different than a supernova.

Frame 4: 

Apriori Flower: With this practice, now I am observed.
King Flower: Where do we begin and end?

Frame 5:

Apriori Flower: Observing that I will perish I honor my teacher.
King Flower: The teacher is Yama, the mower of men and flowers

Frame 6: 

Apriori Flower: Being here now, I am only joy!
King Flower: The lawnmower passes around us this time.

Frame 7:

Apriori Flower: I am not lucky nor am I cursed.
King Flower: Not one of us with good practice has room for fear.


We can feel lost be having debilitating fear. We call it debilitating because it is a fear of endurance. It is only mind because it causes us to pause and think over and over about the same fear.

Having nothing to loose we had this fear. Meaning that if we lost this fear we would be much better. Meditation was our sanctuary. A good practice As many days in our lives were lost in the rise and fall of euphoria and fear we had to let it go. This mind, we realized, was always feeding us something different.

The answer to depression, confusion, fear and debilitating thoughts is meditation. Our mind is just another hand. This mind is a tool. In order to use the tool to become skillful we have to focus in practice.

As flowers live in fear of the lawnmower, we live in fear of the great asteroid, supernovae, global warming, cancer, epidemics, burglars, bosses, racism, sexism, loosing the lottery, and Apocalypse. Just a number of ideological fears. Unfounded fears. They are unfounded when they become debilitating.

Flowers do not run very fast. A field being mowed can make them uneasy. Similarly a large enough earthquake, tsunami, hurricane, or galactic trauma can render us to oblivion. These scenarios of fear implied, imagined or realistic are still mind games. 

As a tool our mind has to be honed. Chasing ideas is exhausting. Sleep is good but it is not enough. Taking time to sit up straight, observe our breath, and recognize everything as thought is good practice. Everything is thought. Recognize this and your mind becomes sharp.

There is no room for fear good practice.  The paradox is that everything we do is practice. Every thought is practice. Every action is practice. As soon as we recognize it as practice it becomes skillful practice.

Our minds contain years of garbage. Song, pictures, memories are all garbage. We sift through those thoughts as useful or not. They are there regardless. Dwelling on them is garbage. 

During meditation our mind wants to bring up everything. "Look at this. Look at This!" Our mind says. During meditation it is time to let go for 5, 10, 15, 30 minutes. Just sit up straight. Just observe your breath. Every thought is just a thought. If you have a brilliant idea during meditation then you have wasted the whole day! Let you mind relax. Let your mind let go. After you finish meditation you will have achieved your goal and you will have a great mind.

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