Apriori Flower 01:19 - To Be A Flower

COPYRIGHT: Apriori Flower 01:19 20161215 © OgFOMK ArTS
COPYRIGHT: Apriori Flower 01:19 20161215 © OgFOMK ArTS


Frame 1: 
Apriori Flower: I'm wondering what is next?
King Flower: You mean after today?

Frame 2:
Apriori Flower: No, I wonder what is next after death?
King Flower: Oh, how will this information help you?

Frame 3:
Apriori Flower: I don't know, maybe I will be something else.
King Flower: What would you like to be?

Frame 4: 
Apriori Flower: I'd like to be a bee.
King Flower: A bee! How do you know what it's like?

Frame 5:
Apriori Flower: Exactly. I want to know what it's like.
King Flower: What is it like to be a flower?

Frame 6: 
Apriori Flower: You know what it's like.
King Flower: I know what it's like but I can't tell you.

Frame 7:
Apriori Flower: I'm guessing that it's time to practice.
King Flower: Yes. Let's practice watching ourselves with nature.


We have our life that we have. We can look at another life and compare but the experience is not complete. Our cycle is here and now until we are unable to be here and now. At this point we expire when we are no longer being.

Why think about what it is like after expiration when you have your life today. Why think of past or future lives when you have now. Today is a great day for you to begin your practice. If you only have five more minutes alive, then now is the time to be aware.

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