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Square Peg: Manitoba Hunters Romanticized Champions of Environment

27. Dec. 2017
By Debbie Wall - Bio

Hunters are always trying to romanticize themselves as the champions of the environment, but they are the only ones who equate killing with conservation.  Their focus is on sustainable yield rather than balanced ecosystems and certainly not on the well-being of the individual animals who are victims of their so-called "sport".  None of the profits of the hunting industry are directed towards the wildlife rescues and rehabilitation organizations who deal with the resulting injured and orphaned. True predators play an integral role in maintaining the health of prey species by selecting the weak and diseased.  Human hunters, on the other hand, target the biggest and most robust.  I suppose a sickly animal does not provide a good photo op. While the killing of females during the spring black bear "hunt" may be illegal, that certainly doesn't mean it doesn't happen.  Mother bears will cache their babies in trees for their saf…


24. Dec. 2017  By Ken Poyner - Bio

Ordinary people shut their windows
And, even when there is a breeze, rely on air conditioning.
Screened in porches are left vacant.
Johnson has let loose his wolf again.
When it was fresh from the northwest
Children would hold it to their necks,
Passing child to animal, animal to child,
The speed of the blood.  Now, almost
One hundred pounds, Johnson lets it out at night.
His garden is still eaten by rabbits
But boys dare each other in groups of three
To wait at the edge of the marsh
Where last week footprints of some kind were found.
Grown men talk of seeing it in their yards,
Of not being able to get off a clear shot.
In daylight Johnson brings his beast
To Henson’s store, where it sprawls flat on the porch,
With Henson scratching it behind the ear
And ladies in house cleaning clothes
Dodging its happy but lethargic tail.
In the dark it has no collar.  It loves
The corners of houses, the backs
Of metal sheds bought prefab from Sears.
One man saw i…

Healthcare As A Tax Deduction Part II

23 Dec. 2017
By Alex Nuttall - Bio
Back on January 26, 2011 we published an editorial about healthcare as a tax deduction. This was before the second term of President Barack Obama. The Affordable Healthcare Act was enacted in 2010. This is a follow up to that editorial:
Recently our president, Donald Trump and the Republican Congress and Senate have celebrated passing a bill on tax reform. This group also attempted to reverse and repeal the Affordable Care Act (aka Obama Care). While the repeal of the mandate to pay for healthcare  is welcome the rest of the tax bill is not what would help the people who pay taxes and need healthcare in the United States of America.
Why not have healthcare as a tax deduction? 
Instead of a bunch of  changes to the existing tax system. Instead of trying to make affordable healthcare act go away without any thing useful in place. Why not have the health of every single American as a…

Cary B. Epes Jr. Original with Michael - Merry Christmas and F%#k You

5. Dec 2017
By Cary B. Epes, Jr. - Bio and a dude named: Michael YouTube Video: by vdeel

Cary and Michael perform Cary's original tune, "Merry Christmas and Fuck You", at Cozzy's Open Mic in Newport News, VA 12/4/2017 -- by vdeel
Published on YouTube -- Dec 5, 2017

© Cary B. Epes Jr. / OgFOMK ArTS -- 2017 - 2018 All Rights Reserved. - Cary Epes Original Song - Music - "Merry Christmas and F%#k You" Video Rights belong to vdeel/YouTube

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Square Peg: Churchill Wants Fewer Polar Bears Shipped South

4. Dec. 2017
By Debbie Wall - Bio
     A glaring omission from this story is how the cubs become orphans in the first place.  Here in the south, untold numbers of black bear cubs are orphaned during the spring bear "hunt".  This heinous activity involves setting out stations baited with fatty, calorie-dense foods to attract bears who are in a state of semi-starvation after a winter of hibernation.   The very brave "hunters" shoot down on them from above on stands in the surrounding trees. Because determining the sex of the bears from such an angle is virtually impossible, females are inevitably killed and their cubs are left on their own to starve to death.
     Given that polar bears are apex predators,  one must wonder if it is unethical hunting practices that are also leading to the deaths of so many mothers.  Perhaps our conversation should revolve around preventing that from happening instead of deciding the fate of the resulting orphans.

RE: https://www.winn…

Review: Surprised by Jeanette Winterson's Christmas Days

03. Dec. 2017
By Ghillian Porter-Smith - Bio

Christmas is hard to find these days. It’s getting heavier to lift the Yule spirit from under the shellac of expectations and obligations. Then I picked up Jeanette Winterson’s collection Christmas Days: 12 Stories and 12 Feasts for 12 Days. And there it was. Christmas! 

Irreverent and reverent, evocative and wickedly funny at times, these stories will warm even the most cynical soul. I had thrown my long-overlooked copy into a bag (along with several others because you never know when a hostage situation might occur and you’ll be stuck with nothing to read - thank you, Ann Patchett, for that lesson learned), and without much hope, prepared to skim while waiting-room waiting. It was as if Ms. Winterson breezed in with a tumbler of scotch and a Yule log, turned off the horrid over-head lights, lit some candles and sat down to spin tales of ghosts, gifts, and magic. These are not your schlocky O’Henry stories - apologies to any Magi fans. The…

Mixed Media Series - Voodoo Healing Skull

30. Nov. 2017
By Lon Bennett - Bio

There is a reason that people will set an appointment days in advance from several hundred miles with Lon Bennett.  The appointment is not for healing, psychology or legal consultation. The appointment is for ink. Lon Bennett's ability to break down the fearful into the beautiful is the result of his street education and intellectual capabilities. He is a pro. He looks outside of himself and reaches inside to produce a masterful Constructive Technology Aggregate. His mixed media is no exception.
The mixed media "Voodoo Healing Skull" here is a gift. Observe it. Is it fear we need to to nurture? Do we need to fear the healing snake? Perhaps the fact that we all will die makes this day that much more beautiful.
© Lon Bennett / OgFOMK ArTS -- 2018 All Rights Reserved. - Mixed Media Series - "Voodoo Healing Skull"

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Mixed Media Series - Arabian Scented Column

29. Nov. 2017
By Lon Bennett - Bio

In this mixed media drawing the artist, Lon Bennett, captures a welcoming Arabian vessel that permeates spicy scents. The column to the right and the checkered floor show a sturdy reliable foundation and capitol. The tent or curtain while flowing reminds us of temporary conditions. Outside is the beautiful blue sky and grassy planes. The outside is just partitioned but not rejected. 
© Lon Bennett / OgFOMK ArTS -- 2017 All Rights Reserved. - Mixed Media Series - "Arabian Scented Column"

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Nothing Good Ever Happens

29. Nov. 2017
By Alex Nuttall - Bio

A Henrique Couto Movie!

Henrique Couto writes, directs and has a fantastic team of friends who act. This is the movie Nothing Good Ever Happens:

Henrique Couto writes, directs and produces some films that we were attracted to by Amazon Prime. In fact we had no idea who he was but after watching five of his movies we have to say that we love his work and the work of his team. Please watch this. Comment on it. Let him know that OgFOMK ArTS referred you!

 © Hernique Couto / OgFOMK ArTS -- 2017 All Rights Reserved. - Movies - Not Horror - "Nothing Good Ever Happens"

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In Which We Try to Separate the Art from the Artist

20. Nov. 2017
By Kim Breeding-Mercer - Bio

Thoughts on current affairs: harassment, lying, cover-ups, misdeeds and general douchery. Artists are people. People see art as both a commodity for consumption and a mystical power. Artists are supposed to be the stewards of said mystical power and be better than the people they sell their art to. People still want a say in what their dollar buys, up to and including the private lives of the artists. These ideas are all in a jumbled clash at the moment, causing a metric ton of butt-hurt.
As I pen these thoughts, I'm listening to an album by a band I fell in love with a few years ago. The music, the lyrics, the pageantry, the entire message and aesthetic hooked me deep. Earlier this year I came across some information about the leader of the band, how he'd supposedly screwed some former members, and that the whole thing was going to court.
Nay, good sir, whose voice and visage gave me such joy, whose message I took to heart, say it ai…

Books: Kim Cormack - Children of the Ankh Series

16. NOV. 2017
By Kim Cormack - Bio

Greetings OgFOMK readers. I'm Kim Cormack from Vancouver Island, Canada. Some of you paranormal fantasy lovers already know of my series. For the blog readers that haven't embraced their inner Dragon yet, I'll give you a quick rundown.

Book 1  - Sweet Sleep Take a trip into the metaphysical spiritual world with these endearing paranormal anti-heroes and wickedly titillating warriors. This will be unlike anything you've ever read.

Happy sixteenth birthday. Procreation with mortals is illegal under the immortal law. It doesn’t matter if your abilities are a genetic glitch or created by immortal blood because the Correction cannot tell the difference. They are coming to exterminate you and your entire genetic line. If you survive your Correction or show outstanding bravery in the face of insurmountable odds, you will be claimed by one of three clans of immortals residing on earth, Ankh, Trinity or Triad. Your soul will be branded, prohib…