Mastodon OgFOMK ArTS: May 2017

An' This was a Lowered Expectation?

Before I was a worried,
Oooo Oooo Oooo;
Now I'm not a worried,
Hooo Hooo Hooo;
Just a makin' stories,
Wooo Wooo Wooo;
Lowing my expectations,
Sooo Sooo Sooo;
An' you ain't go'rt to worry
For flagrant t'mes to 'nough the jury
In lorries the be ta'n time
Plowing through this n'rsey rhyme
Goat you made it here b'fer
Goat you tattled it up so there
Magnetic fractions itchen' y'er.

--20170530 ABN
Elizabeth River on Kayak
Elizabeth River on Kayak

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