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Transferring Domain from Godaddy

We've transferred our domain from @godaddy to @goggle. There is no excuse for DNS to be down for two days. We were redirecting anyway to blogspot (blogger). We grew tired of the whole shit-service. Unfortunately we paid up to July 2019. We wont do that again.

We moved from @Yahoo to @Godaddy for the same reason.

 Just pathetic.

WordPress was failing. Sometimes down for up to 8 hours. The total time was down last fiscal year was 10 days. Sure that is mathematically within the 99.9% but it was pathetic.

 Anyway... Thanks to blogger we have been able to seriously have a great content presented while also having https! That's good. As writers we are less fearful than ever that we can finally publish what we want without filtered drivel. That's good.

 We will be releasing about 300 pieces within the next year. Stuff has been piling up. All free! For 2018 we will be publishing again. We're not sure what but it will happen.

Towing a Rowboat Back Home
Towing a Rowboat Back Home

Update: Now is on Google Domains and it is working like it should.  

Make a Keybase.txt proof on you Blogger ~ Blogspot Blog.

PROBLEM: Proving your online presence with Blogger for

So you just got hip to encryption where the motto is: "Crytpo for everyone. Not just programmers." I certainly did and you can read about that here: Where have I been, A Facebook Address.

What exactly is is beyond the scope of this document. You can go to the website and figure it out yourself.

Now the problem is that you have a blog on-line presence aka Blogger but you don't have your own domain to do the following:

#1. Host a file on your site -- You can host a text file, such as This is preferred, if you have a website.


#2. Set a DNS TXT record -- Instead of hosting a web page, you can place a keybase proof in your DNS records.

So you are stuck basically because you can not host a simple freaking txt file right!?!

Nope. I got you covered.

SOLUTION:  Create a custom Redirect from keybase.txt to a generated web page.

Special thanks goes out to this web article: -- How To Set Custom Redirects in Blogger

So let's do this Brutus.

STEP 1: Choose Your Adventure -- What Web Am I?

First we are going "prove another web identity" or "prove your website or domain". You can do this from the web or from the application on your desktop.

Keybase on Linux
Keybase on Linux

When you click on the "Prove your website or web identity link" you will be presented with something like this:

A fork in the road where you have a choice:

#1. Host a file on your site
#2. Set a DNS TXT record

Keybase on Linux -- Prove Your Website in Two Ways
Keybase on Linux -- Prove Your Website in Two Ways

Since the issue here is that you have a Blogger site we can definitely rule out #2. So choose #1, Grasshopper.

STEP 2: Create a Blogger / Blogspot Page for you Proof

Now before we go any further do this ahead of time. Create a page in blogger and call it: "keybase". You can call it whatever you want of course but KISS, Keep It Srimple Stupid. You will need to use this page for your proof.  Once you have created the page save it. It will be like mine:

You will not use this page for anything else and you do not need to put it in your menu structure unless you want to have geek points. This page will be a substitute for hosting a keybase.txt file. Since you don't even have a root directory with Blogger you can not do this. But you CAN make a redirect so that will look for the text file and end up with an html file which is a fancy text file.

My proof should be: but it ain't. doesn't know that and doesn't need to know that. It will look for it and I will give it the answer it seeks.

STEP 3: Redirect the ../keybase.txt to ../keybase.html

If you would like a refresher read this first before proceeding to the next step: How To Set Custom Redirects in Blogger

Go to the Blogger >> Settings >> Search preferences
Go to the Blogger >> Settings >> Search preferences

1. Go to the Blogger >> Settings >> Search preferences.

2. Find the Errors and redirections >> Customer Redirects >> Edit

3. Add the following:
   a. In the From Box: /keybase.txt   (This is what is looking for.)
   b. In the To Box:  /p/keybase.html  (The information and proof will be here.)
   -- Both of these will append the address to your fancy Blogger (blogspot) URL.

4. Save your changes.

STEP 4: Back to Website or Application >> Prove your website

Keybase on Linux -- Prove Your Website. Fill in the blank.
Keybase on Linux -- Prove Your Website. Fill in the blank.

1. Click on the "Prove your website" or Something similar like "prove another web identity". This opens up a choice UI dialog box where you can choose your adventure. We want to chose #1 Host a TXT file.

2. Click on Host a TXT file and a dialog box for input will ask you to put your site in the blank. In my case it is . You do not need to put http / https .

3. will then make sure your site/blogg is a real web URL and it will also create a text proof with fingerprint information.

4. Copy the text and paste it into your blank Blogger, keybase.html page that you created. Of course make sure that you paste in the HTML and not the Compose. We want plain, naked, unadulterated text.
Keybase on Linux -- Grab the Proof Text for Keybase.txt
Keybase on Linux -- Grab the Proof Text for Keybase.txt

5. Click the Update button and your page in edit mode will close.

6. Click to view the page. It should look like this: (Yours should be similar)

STEP 5: Test Your Redirect FIrst:

1. Got to your browser and put in the address will look for.  In my case is looking for . You can test mine if you would like.  Do the same for yours. If your redirect is working then it will quickly change to the page you created. Which in my case is

2. is looking for the text that you cut and pasted. If you did all of this correctly you will see some cryptic text that identifies you as the supreme commander of your blog.

STEP 6: Go Back and Get Proved:

1. Now that you are confident that the STEP 5 testing worked. Return to or your desktop application and click on the acknowledgement of your proof.  The magic software will validate you or tell you to try again.

2. Upon successful proof you can note a very important thing. Do Not Change anything. How you got here is a great monumental task. There are others who have been stumped and just gave up. Not you! You went for it. You Rock!

CONCLUSION: Cryptography is for everyone. 

The ability to have a public profile that you are in control of is more important than you might think. You are in control of your digital reputation. In the future this will be even more important because developers of open software are creating better services than proprietary ones. You are not just a passive consumer. You are a producer.

Get as many proofs as you can and network with others who are doing so also. We are not spectators but participants.

If you have any questions about this article please contact me via .
If you have any issues related to you can find them at Github:

Where Have I Been, A Facebook Address

Where I have been?

To say the least I was in shock after a certain November 2016 pole result. I'm good now.

Contacting me has been difficult for some who like to use Facebook Messenger. I don't like it but I have access to it.

I prefer a more secure form of communication. I always have. So if you would like to get in contact with me and get results try the following:
  1. Telegram: 
    Telegram Messenger
    Telegram Messenger
  2. Signal Private Messenger:
    Signal Private Messenger
    Signal Private Messenger
  3. Keybase:
What is great about the above is that they provide end to end encryption. Facebook's own WhatsApp also provides this but the code is not open source.

The three above: Telegram, Signal Private Messenger and Keybase are open source software projects. That means that we can verify and validate security because anyone who understands the code can look at it and find vulnerabilities.

We live in an international world. The above tools are meant to work in challenging infrastructures. That means that if you have a slow data connection you can still communicate with the people you care about. You can also communicate in places where the data is monitored.

Many of you will shrug and think that this is not a big deal, but it is. Our connectivity is essential to how we get things done. It is also a basic human right. We all come from many different places. We have loved ones everywhere. We can communicate with those loved ones outside of monopolized corporations.

Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Twitter and most other companies have a vested interest in our successful contact with each other, but they also allow businesses, who will pay for the privilege, the ability to market with granular precision to the type of person you are.

Your likes, your ethnicity, your politics, your religion can all be deduced from your participation in this venue. So that means that you should not put all of your eggs in this basket. You have to be able to be unpredictable sometimes. This is how we survive.

Some details about the three choices:


Telegram Messenger
Telegram Messenger
Telegram can be installed on your mobile device: 
Telegram can be installed on your desktop:
Telegram has a web version:
With the web version you can use just about any computer or bookmark it to your browser. Of course make a complex password and make sure to log  out when you are done.

Telegram has a lot cutting edge things going on. It is also a lot of fun. You can send files, pictures, video, and do calls You also get a cool address like mine: 

Signal Private Messenger:

Signal Private Messenger
Signal Private Messenger

Signal can be installed on your phone:

Pretty simple here. Advantage is that you can do calls for free from signal user to user and this app is meant to be used in the most challenging infrastructure situations.


Keybase is something that can be installed in many spots too:


Desktop Download: 
Keybase also gives you some very nice tools and a groovy address: Closing:
 Some people have been misled recently to believe that encrypted communication is bad because bad guys use it. This is a fallacy that is addressed well by the folks at telegram: Essentially again we have a human right to have free, fare and secure communication. 

So the argument to have back doors in your software for the friendly government is absurd. More important to think about is this. If you are a government employee, military, police officer, officer of the court, judge.... 

Why would you trust a communication vehicle that is sanctioned by a corporation? Why also would you rely on the stuff your colleges use when none of you understand how it works? You would not. You would rely on something that is open and vetted by a community known for outing the slightest nefarious.

When it comes to the communication of the bad guys... Let's put it this way. They can hide secrets right out in front. They can send photos of puppies with secret data. They can make their own closed source (Which can be cracked by the good guys) communication tools. 

It's like the gun argument: If guns are outlawed only the outlaws will have guns. 

Thank you for making it this far. If you have any comments, suggestions or such you can reach me by searching for OgFOMK: 

 Twitter: @ogfomk  | Facebook: OgFOMK ArTS | Google+: +OgFOMK 
 Of course I would prefer something secure: |

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