Apriori Flower 01:05 - 1st Prescribed Practice

Apriori Flower 01:05 - 20161201 © OgFOMK ArTS

Apriori Flower 01:05 - 1st Prescribed Practice
Apriori Flower 01:05 - 1st Prescribed Practice


Frame 1:

Apriori Flower: In our kingdom we share the respect of life.
King Flower: 1. Respect Life

Frame 2:

King Flower: This is the first of the Five Prescribed Practices it is one of the jewels in our crown.
Apriori Flower: The crown is our corolla and petals.

Frame 3:

King Flower: And what is your corolla?
Apriori Flower: Me.

Frame 4:

King Flower: Why is your crown, which is your corolla, that has the petals, which are jewels, you?
Apriori Flower: This crown is me because it represents the mind.

Frame 5:

King Flower: You are mind. Mind has compassion because there is the respect for life. By knowing this you also know there is love. Love is the respect of life. All life that we see is ours.
Apriori Flower: We are mind? Or are we Mind?

Frame 6:

King Flower: We are Mind because we are Life. We are noble because we have learned this together. We share this life as our kingdom.
Apriori Flower: Mind will practice to Respect Life.


Apriori understands that the kingdom is based on the respect of life. This is the first prescribed practice. The 1st of the Five Precepts is to undertake the practice of not killing. Not killing is not just not killing it is also not harming.

This is not just an idea of Buddhists. The Jewish, Christian and Muslim faiths all recognize as one of the Ten Commandments that one should not kill. Not killing also means not harming. If you are wanting to harm some life or you realize that you are doing this then you can change and do no more harm.

Food of course is killing. At the same time all of us are food in some form or another. We must respect life in this way also. What do we really need to eat in order to be happy and healthy?

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