Where Have I Been, A Facebook Address

Where I have been?

To say the least I was in shock after a certain November 2016 pole result. I'm good now.

Contacting me has been difficult for some who like to use Facebook Messenger. I don't like it but I have access to it.

I prefer a more secure form of communication. I always have. So if you would like to get in contact with me and get results try the following:
  1. Telegram: https://telegram.org/ 
    Telegram Messenger
    Telegram Messenger
  2. Signal Private Messenger: https://whispersystems.org/
    Signal Private Messenger
    Signal Private Messenger
  3. Keybase: https://Keybase.io
What is great about the above is that they provide end to end encryption. Facebook's own WhatsApp also provides this but the code is not open source.

The three above: Telegram, Signal Private Messenger and Keybase are open source software projects. That means that we can verify and validate security because anyone who understands the code can look at it and find vulnerabilities.

We live in an international world. The above tools are meant to work in challenging infrastructures. That means that if you have a slow data connection you can still communicate with the people you care about. You can also communicate in places where the data is monitored.

Many of you will shrug and think that this is not a big deal, but it is. Our connectivity is essential to how we get things done. It is also a basic human right. We all come from many different places. We have loved ones everywhere. We can communicate with those loved ones outside of monopolized corporations.

Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Twitter and most other companies have a vested interest in our successful contact with each other, but they also allow businesses, who will pay for the privilege, the ability to market with granular precision to the type of person you are.

Your likes, your ethnicity, your politics, your religion can all be deduced from your participation in this venue. So that means that you should not put all of your eggs in this basket. You have to be able to be unpredictable sometimes. This is how we survive.

Some details about the three choices:


Telegram Messenger
Telegram Messenger
Telegram can be installed on your mobile device: 
Telegram can be installed on your desktop:
Telegram has a web version: https://telegram.org/dl/webogram
With the web version you can use just about any computer or bookmark it to your browser. Of course make a complex password and make sure to log  out when you are done.

Telegram has a lot cutting edge things going on. It is also a lot of fun. You can send files, pictures, video, and do calls You also get a cool address like mine: https://t.me/ogfomk 

Signal Private Messenger:

Signal Private Messenger
Signal Private Messenger

Signal can be installed on your phone:

Pretty simple here. Advantage is that you can do calls for free from signal user to user and this app is meant to be used in the most challenging infrastructure situations.



Keybase is something that can be installed in many spots too:


Desktop Download: 
Keybase also gives you some very nice tools and a groovy address: https://keybase.io/ogfomk Closing:
 Some people have been misled recently to believe that encrypted communication is bad because bad guys use it. This is a fallacy that is addressed well by the folks at telegram: http://telegra.ph/Dont-Shoot-the-Messenger Essentially again we have a human right to have free, fare and secure communication. 

So the argument to have back doors in your software for the friendly government is absurd. More important to think about is this. If you are a government employee, military, police officer, officer of the court, judge.... 

Why would you trust a communication vehicle that is sanctioned by a corporation? Why also would you rely on the stuff your colleges use when none of you understand how it works? You would not. You would rely on something that is open and vetted by a community known for outing the slightest nefarious.

When it comes to the communication of the bad guys... Let's put it this way. They can hide secrets right out in front. They can send photos of puppies with secret data. They can make their own closed source (Which can be cracked by the good guys) communication tools. 

It's like the gun argument: If guns are outlawed only the outlaws will have guns. 

Thank you for making it this far. If you have any comments, suggestions or such you can reach me by searching for OgFOMK: 

 Twitter: @ogfomk  | Facebook: OgFOMK ArTS | Google+: +OgFOMK 
 Of course I would prefer something secure: https://keybase.io/ogfomk | https://t.me/ogfomk

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