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A Series in Red and Black - Drawing 3

By Lon Bennett - Bio

© Lon Bennett 2017 All Rights Reserved. - A Series in Red and Black - Drawing 3

Souq Waqif

By William Hawkes - Bio

Right in the heart of Doha, Qatar, sits a wonderful marketplace that is teeming with activity. At 1600, merchants open their stands after avoiding the day's heat, and sell their wares to locals and tourists alike. You are bound to find anything and everything at a good price if you do not mind haggling, which is customary. Once you have purchased those whatsits and doo-dads you just had to have, you can take a load off at one of the many delectable eating establishments...and do not forget to have the limonana to quench your thirst! After your meal, why not smoke a shisha pipe with a friend to aide digestion? After your meal, walk a couple minutes down to the pearl monument and stop to marvel at the skyline while you hold hands with your special someone, or just take a moment to smile in perfect bliss. This is Souq Waqif.


29. Jul. 2017
By Tom Deans- Bio

Yea, I stick a needle in my arm. So what.
For 70 straight months I have done the same ritual and I am not likely to stop. I didn't want to and it's certainly not like I enjoy the feeling it gives me. I do however enjoy the boost it provides to my depleted finances.
I give blood plasma, or rather I sell blood plasma. It has become the same process twice a week all within a system of a business model that helps save lives and puts a little money towards gas and bills. Wanna know the most important part of this little story? I have made over $30,000 doing it and it’s tax-free.
Oh I don't fashion myself a hero by any means. Plasma does great things (so I'm told). I just know that when I plop down in that chair sitting beside many familiar but nameless faces I will put on my headphones and settle in for an hour of bloodsucking fun. I notice many of those around me watch that needle right into their arm like they are visually guiding it or…

A Series in Red and Black - Drawing 2

By Lon Bennett - Bio

© Lon Bennett 2017 All Rights Reserved. - A Series in Red and Black - Drawing 2 "Rose"

A Series in Red and Black - Drawing 1

By Lon Bennett - Bio

© Lon Bennett 2017 All Rights Reserved. - A Series in Red and Black - Drawing 1

Lon Bennett: (Lon Bennett) joins us after an absence of 30 years! He was an original contributor to our first publication The Hounds of Bastardville. He is currently working as a tattoo artist. His work is unique, thought provoking and well worth the eye and mind space.

His first collection and series of drawings is called A Series in Red and Black. -- Ed ABN

Role of the Subconscious in Health & Healing

23 July 2017
By Jennifer - Bio

Hello all, my name is Jennifer and I work in integrative medicine. I am a certified practitioner & teacher of multiple modalities within the field. This is the first of several entries that I will be contributing to inform, advocate & facilitate true health & healing.
Today I would like to talk about the subconscious & it's crucial role in health and well being. All programming starts when we are still in the womb. Everything that we have been exposed to (every sound that we have heard, energy that we have felt and things we have seen smelled or tasted) starting as a 4 1/2 month old fetus, has been stored in our subconscious. This is where all programs are stored and therefore it is absolutely crucial to integrate it properly, in order to deprogram and reprogram for optimum health (mental & physical). I highly recommend Hypnotherapy for this purpose.
If you just immediately thought of a movie or TV show where someone was hypno…


By William Hawkes - Bio

A warm afternoon on the Doha waterfront. The sweet, peachy fragrance of frangipani trees leads you to a boardwalk full of art, sights, and sounds. A large Qatari family smiles as you pass along the boardwalk surrounded by architectural masterpieces. You think about the fact that you are so far away from home, yet something just feels right about where you are now. This is Katara Cultural Village.

Stephen Colbert In Russia

By Alex Nuttall - Bio

Last night Stephen Colbert showed that he could be in Russia as an American and highlight the fact that Russian people are fantastic. No matter what is going on with our governments. Russia and the United States have outstanding people.

I am very proud that Stephen Colbert had the guts and dignity to be himself and also to be open to going to Russia. This whole week is Russian week on the his show.

Here is the professional version with a commercial: