Souq Waqif

Right in the heart of Doha, Qatar, sits a wonderful marketplace that is teeming with activity. At 1600, merchants open their stands after avoiding the day's heat, and sell their wares to locals and tourists alike. You are bound to find anything and everything at a good price if you do not mind haggling, which is customary. Once you have purchased those whatsits and doo-dads you just had to have, you can take a load off at one of the many delectable eating establishments...and do not forget to have the limonana to quench your thirst! After your meal, why not smoke a shisha pipe with a friend to aide digestion? After your meal, walk a couple minutes down to the pearl monument and stop to marvel at the skyline while you hold hands with your special someone, or just take a moment to smile in perfect bliss. This is Souq Waqif.



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