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Jimmy Walker - We love you!

We have not met many celebrities but we met Mr. Jimmy Walker in person here in Portsmouth, VA. Here he is on the Arsenio Hall Show 2014.

If you get a chance to meet him face to face you will find a powerful and gentle respectful soul. He is a fantastic human being and he deserves recognition.

© Alex Nuttall / OgFOMK ArTS -- 2017 All Rights Reserved. - Jimmy Walker

Pronobozo - Better Days

By Alex Nuttall - Bio

Pronobozo leaks the tightest beats and rhymes in time with technology. His range covers hip-hop, techno and rock-n-roll.

Better Days

© Pronobozo - "Better Days" or YouTube: Pronobozo

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Pronobozo - Coming Back

We can't say enough about this artist. We can say that a video we are coming up with will have his music. Pronobozo can be found at and even on the soundtrack of the game LinCity-NG So what does that mean? Well it is another example of Constructive Technology Aggregate. The real movement is all around us. We just don't see it. We see instead the crude scribbles of loveless children. Instead there are those who move forward and create the new dimension right now.

Here it is:

Coming Back

© Pronobozo - "Coming Back" or YouTube: Pronobozo

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Going Somewhere is Human

13. Aug 2017

Going somewhere is human
Even if you are going nowhere
Going somewhere is human,
Even if the scope of the Universe
Is going nowhere in particular
Going somewhere is human,

Going somewhere is ideal
Even when going somewhere
Is meaningless in the grand scheme
Going somewhere is about
Having a goal, any goal
And going there is good like health-food,

Going somewhere is like
Having some ice-cream
It begins to feel good during
The process of eating it
And eating it becomes
A human and unique experience,

Going somewhere is human
As much as going somewhere
Is going through life anyway
But having a course and a plan
Is not so bad, Man,
It’s not so bad, Man;

Going about anyway like hurling
Universe she is going about
 She is is the Hurling Universe,
At any second it could all end
No matter, we  are traveling;

Going somewhere is like
Pulling the wool over your own eyes
And the emptiness after all
Is not so bad and the
Indifferent, ambivalent is just,
It is just… justice.

Going Somewhere is Human
Going Somewhere is Human

Poetry by Alex Nuttall, title: Going Somewhere is Human, Original Date: 20170813 – © Alex Nuttall / OgFOMK ArTS 2017 – 2017 – Retro-published 20170813.

We might be headed for the great end as nihilists. We might be headed for heaven. We might be headed for all. All at the speed of living someone else ideas. We become human by heading somewhere with a goal in mind. We reluctantly start to feel happiness. We no longer question the happiness. It is ours. Happiness is a hand we have always had. Going somewhere is human, Man.

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OgFOMK ArTS Web History and Impressions

6. Aug. 2017

The word is out or in. OgFOMK ArTS is getting noticed. It definitely has to do with our emphasis on content and getting more contributions. Also the retro-publishing is helping too. Nothing worse than sitting on old content when the Universe has not imploded yet!

OgFOMK ArTS Traffic since January 1st 2017
OgFOMK ArTS Traffic since January 1st 2017
We have been using Blogger tepidly since 2005. In the mean time we went full on with our own domain which at first was hosted with Yahoo. With Yahoo we were legacy Geocities refugees. Yahoo at the time that they bought Geocities was a stellar company with customer service you could call on the phone and get results with and of course just good help. But that changed. 

When we went with Yahoo we started to pay $16 a month. in 2004. It didn't matter because we wer proud to have our own domain and we were learning the wondrous HTML thing. Of course our website looked like poo.

Around 2007 during a failed domain purchase and all of the fancy postings were wiped out. At the time Yahoo had created an automated system for purchasing domains and hosting. The problem was that they did not allow one person to have multiple domains so we ended up buying another domain and wiping our previous work away with the hosting. We called Yahoo and customers service was no longer there. We went to GoDaddy instead.

At first GoDaddy was the place. It was so sexy and good. GoDaddy allowed Linux hosting! We could use SSH to link our computers to their virtual hosts. It was marvelous. We also were getting into the LaMP (Linux, MySQL and PHP) world of Wordpress. For once did not look like dung. But it was a lot of work. A lot.

We still were playing on the web. We were posting. But we were not generating any following. We were still learning. We also were spending less on service $11 a month.  This was nice. Unfortunately GoDaddy was getting too big for its pants. GoDaddy now had more competition. GoDaddy was stepping up their game. We followed along. We decided to purchase 3 years of hosting and domain renewal for $350. Big purchase for us. For GoDaddy it was a good haul.  We were now paying $10 a month with the renewal already built into the cost.


Around November 2016 we started paying attention to HTTPS. It had been something we totally missed on the technology front. Wikipedia had moved to 100% HTTPS. This was the ability to allow readers a secure end to end encrypted transmission from host to client and vise versa. Why was this important? All of your web traffic with HTTP is in plain text! That means passwords and content is sent back and forth in an environment where 3rd parties can gather information about you. With HTTPS this is eliminated. 

So we wanted that too! But we were broke. We had a fancy house and a pool without water. We checked into the SSL certificates needed for HTTPS. We knew how to make our own but the key (literally) has to be recognized by a trusted authority. Also Google search was placing a high priority on those sites that used HTTPS.  We called GoDaddy to see if we could get some help. We didn't get it unless we wanted to spend more money. There also was the matter of the certificate may not work with our existing Wordpress. We were fucked. Or we wanted to get un-fucked.

Trying to learn how to hack all of this just became more work. We were no longer creating content. We were spinning our wheels in the mud. One day we went creeping through the old  Blogger site .  We had initiated ads and added some content mirroring of . We had also tried this with Tumbler. 

Proudly American and Anarchistic
Proudly American and Anarchistic

We made a shocking discovery! Blogger had actually paid us $0.20!  We had 20 cents in our Google Add Sense account. It had taken us 2 years to even get the Add Sense account because we had no content. So slowly we just added stuff.  This was a new revelation. That was December of 2016.

One day we noticed, again that was down. Again it was down.  We called GoDaddy. This was two months ago. DNS was not working for two days. So anyone looking for us would not find anything at all. Twitter, Facebook, Google, and 20 other services that pointed to were sending people no where. We fired GoDaddy. We losts $350 dollars and two more years of paid service. No refund. Ha ha!

Google domains was called. We just decided to get Google domains to point to It was easy. It was $12 a year. We had already paid for 2 years of the so we were paid until 2021!  Our emails we conveniently pointed to existing gmail accounts. It was also a move where pointed to . We didn't have to pay for anything extra. We had SSH! Woo hoo!

Google was the way to go.  Google has a vested interest in selling ads. So they have a vested interest in your content running. We haven't been happier. With a little work we have been able to have a good looking website. We have been able to earn some extra money. So far we are at $0.75! We also are attracting contributors and viewers.

Moving forward now we have a vehicle that is easy to run and looks great. Hopefully we will atract even more viewers and contributors. Thank you for being one of them.

We are moving forward
We are moving forward

Ape Gone Shat Mad

5. Aug. 2017

Ape gone shat mad
Constructive, destructive, constructive, destructive
Living the dream
One bite at a time
Like the elephant really tastes that good
Or the horns of the rhino were worth the effort
Of cutting and killing and cutting and killing
And culling
The individuals that stand in the way
Of the release of the prison
Of the mindfulness brick
Thrown through the window of the mind’s eye;

Lemme’ speak about that and address
The circumspect of respect for real new fake

Lemme’ speak about the rhythm that you
Get when it is time to contract your contractions
Into the future;

Lemme’ seek out the ray of light
Tied into the
Flexing bulge

I clear mine throat with washing powders
And that stings like
Evil stings
And we all know that
Evil stings a little
Until it is understood;

Just imagine standing under an idea.

Ape gone shat mad reals
Into the dream and there are a
Thousand ways to print the picture for
The post card
O legacy thou art so pretty –
You can’t trust the post office,
O noble post office,
To deliver them anymore
To where you want them to go;

Elements of the breed
She laid her hands on and
Began the healing process while
Her partner began the stealing process;

There in the shadow is a monkey,
An ape,
A blonde man,
A hand,
A long nose,
A rhino;

Let’s leave this here,
If you don’t mind,
Let’s leave this here
Where the people were doing fecal paintings
Describing something important
As they had a dream too;

Leave it alone
Leave it alone.

Drawing by Alexander Nuttall. "Ape Gone Shat Mad"
Drawing by Alexander Nuttall. "Ape Gone Shat Mad"

© Alexander B. Nuttall / OgFOMK ArTS 2017 - 2017
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