10th Grade Punks 1987

30. Jul. 2017

Lon Bennett and I were 10th grade punks. At least that’s what the article said. We were approached by a reporter of the Daily Press a Newport News, Virginia Newspaper. They wanted to get the scoop on the student profiles of Bethel High School of Hampton, Virginia.

Lon Bennett and Alex Nuttall July 2017
Lon Bennett and Alex Nuttall July 2017

Hampton and Newport News shared space of the Peninsula of Virginia. Neighboring cities of the Megalopolis which included Williamsburg, York County, Poquoson, Newport News and Hampton.

Lon and I were best friends at the time. We were usually found regularly visiting the administrative section of the Bethel High for academic coaching and behavior modification. One administrator in particular managed to make our lives pretty miserable. He was good at psychological warfare. Who could blame him. We were disruptive. A year later he killed himself. This is not his story.

Alex Nuttall, Cheryl Joye (Psaryce Robinson), Jessie W., John -- Credit Daily Press
Alex Nuttall, Cheryl Joye (Psaryce Robinson), Jessie W., John -- Credit Daily Press

So the Daily Press interviewed us and we ended up looking like a couple of smart-ass punks. Thus we achieved our task of aimless wandering. Eventually I left school a month later permanently. I was already failing the 10th grade with 3 study halls and no ambition.

Lon Bennett, Alex Nuttall and Eric -- Bethel High, 1987 -- Photo Credit: Cheryl Joye (Psaryce Robinson)
Lon Bennett, Alex Nuttall and Eric -- Bethel High, 1987 --
Photo Credit: Cheryl Joye (Psaryce Robinson)

The following is the text from the article published by the Daily Press, Sunday, March 1, 1987.

Daily Press, Sunday, March 1, 1987
Daily Press, Sunday, March 1, 1987

Original Text:

Alex Nuttall, Lon Bennett
10th grade punks

by the Daily Press
1 May 1987

To look at their hair styles, you might think Alex Nuttall and Lon Bennett had just gotten out of Marine boot-camp. Short blond bristles stick out of their heads like splinters. They are high school punks.

Alex helped initiate Bethel to the Mohawk haircut but decided to shave it all off when too many of his peers copied him. “There was nothing behind it,” he says of his imitators, “They didn't put any thought into it; they just did it to be cool.”

His buddy, Lon, used to have a “pineapple” -- a short buzz in back that ended in spikes he moussed high on his head. His dad cut the hair off.

“Parents and teachers don't understand,” he says. “They think we're weird, that we do drugs all the time.” Bethel teachers have stopped him in the hall and asked him not to wear his hand-drawn T-shirts that sport such words as “anarchy” or choice scatological phrases.

“People have the wrong idea about anarchy,” says Alex. “It doesn't have to be total chaos; it- just means being responsible for yourself and controlling your own life.”
Alex has on a T-shirt that bears the likeness of Albert Einstein and his quote: “You cannot simultaneously prevent and prepare for war.” He wears a light army jacket that bears the letters K-9, the name of his punk band.

Alex has big plans to publish an underground newspaper called Hound of the Bastardville. Lon has drawn the publication's first cover, a picture of a dog urinating on the Statue of Liberty.

Alex and Lon are bored by high school and their acquiescent peers. More than anything, they question authority. “When you ask questions, you learn something,” says 'Alex. “You don't ask questions, you don’t learn.”

Ed- ABN 20170804
Some modification in names and spelling.

Original Article © Daily Press, 1987


  1. thats dope man. You were on another level, even in high school.

  2. It's hard to say gutter was a level. Thanks for the feedback.


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