Ape Gone Shat Mad

5. Aug. 2017

Ape gone shat mad
Constructive, destructive, constructive, destructive
Living the dream
One bite at a time
Like the elephant really tastes that good
Or the horns of the rhino were worth the effort
Of cutting and killing and cutting and killing
And culling
The individuals that stand in the way
Of the release of the prison
Of the mindfulness brick
Thrown through the window of the mind’s eye;

Lemme’ speak about that and address
The circumspect of respect for real new fake

Lemme’ speak about the rhythm that you
Get when it is time to contract your contractions
Into the future;

Lemme’ seek out the ray of light
Tied into the
Flexing bulge

I clear mine throat with washing powders
And that stings like
Evil stings
And we all know that
Evil stings a little
Until it is understood;

Just imagine standing under an idea.

Ape gone shat mad reals
Into the dream and there are a
Thousand ways to print the picture for
The post card
O legacy thou art so pretty –
You can’t trust the post office,
O noble post office,
To deliver them anymore
To where you want them to go;

Elements of the breed
She laid her hands on and
Began the healing process while
Her partner began the stealing process;

There in the shadow is a monkey,
An ape,
A blonde man,
A hand,
A long nose,
A rhino;

Let’s leave this here,
If you don’t mind,
Let’s leave this here
Where the people were doing fecal paintings
Describing something important
As they had a dream too;

Leave it alone
Leave it alone.

Drawing by Alexander Nuttall. "Ape Gone Shat Mad"
Drawing by Alexander Nuttall. "Ape Gone Shat Mad"

© Alexander B. Nuttall / OgFOMK ArTS 2017 - 2017
| 20170805 -ABN – Ed Date: 2017-08-05 13:09

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