Mixed Media Series - 07 "Wild About Suffering"

"Wild About Suffering"


Welcome to the good old days of desirability. 
Everybody lives forever.
R you... Wild About Suffering?

  1. Cracker
  2. Bruh?
  3. Lon
  4. One
  5. Is
  6. Just
  7. Kiss
  8. Honky
  9. Ucking
  10. Grit
  11. Nigga
  12. Heat
  13. GoHa

© Lon Bennett / OgFOMK ArTS -- 2017 All Rights Reserved. - Mixed Media Series - 07 "Wild About Suffering" of magazine, comic book clippings, colored pencils, markers, photoshop, blood, sweat, tears and Lon.

An experimental cover for a future 'zine publication. Lon asks about the hard questions including the provocative "Honky". So are you wild about suffering? We will see. We take language and make it into art and thus we render the cackles of the benign to mere rumors and we embrace the love of all Mankind by asking "R you wild about suffering?" We hope the skilful answer is no. --ED

Mixed Media Series - 07 "Wild About Suffering"
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