Norfolk Scene Reports

8. Aug. 2017 by Lon Bennett | OgFOMK ArTS Reports Norfolk by Lon Bennett | OgFOMK ArTS Reports Norfolk

OgFOMK ArTS will be reporting the Norfolk VA Scene of Artist, Music and what goes on from the talented individuals and groups who are located in and around the Norfolk Area. The Norfolk area is noted internationally by its airport tag ORF. Surrounding Norfolk we have Virginia Beach, Portsmouth, Chesapeake and to the north we have Newport News, and Hampton. 

Chances are you have seen some of our talented people in your neck of the woods.

Follow as we highlight and maneuver through the local scene of Norfolk, Virginia

The Norfolk Scene logo designed by Lon Bennett was obviously inspired by one of the areas favorite bands from DC, Bad Brains. We would like to honor them and pick up where they left off!

So we purchased which will point to OgFOMK ArTS ( Rest assured we will have only the best here. It may even be morebetterest than you expected! You can find the latest Norfolk Virginia Scene Reports here: Norfolk Scene Reports



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