Old Band Flyers - 08 - Crystal Inn - Newport News VA

Old Band Flyers - 08 - Crystal Inn - Newport News VA

Transcribed by Alex Nuttall

Sneak Attack Fanzine:

Lots of Stylin VA Hardcore!
Look for 1st Issue Soon.

Sneak Attack Fanzine Presents:

Sunday Oct. 22 at 2:00 PM
At the Crystal In on Warwick Blvd., Denbigh $4.00


4 Walls Falling, From Richmond
Mad Dog, from DC
Set Straight, also from Richmond
CMO - Count Me Out, from Hampton
Rebound, from Newport News
As It Stands

Hardcore VA Style:

Home is where the Edge is (Straight Edge)


"Can't you see there is a sickness in the society in which we live in? Opportunity is a slap in the face suppressed before they even begin. The reason why, Greed. It stimulates crime and poverty, it divides us by race, religion and wealth and holds us back from living free.

It's a disgusting dream and I'm not buying in. Philosophy developed by the inhumane, society's greatest sin. Equality and life are pushed aside for personal success. Greed.

Freedom is a joke in the sickest state when you live in poverty. See the situation, one of suppression advocating hate. Generation after generation are locked into a cycle of which they can't escape. A system designed to keep us down through poor education and overwhelming odds.

From the day we were born we'll be praised and scorned. Money tells us what we can achieve. Can't you see and understand the situation's out of hand? It's always worse than before. It's time to hit this at its core. You can't turn around and walk away, but it will eat you one day.
The suppressed will rise, stand and fight, unless you look and see the light, what's right!"

By Taylor Steel
of 4 Walls Falling

© LonBennett / Alex Nuttall / OgFOMK ArTS -- 2017 All Rights Reserved. - Old band flyers - 08-Crystal Inn, Warwick blvd., Denbigh, Newport News VA

Sneak attack fanzine presents: 4walls falling, Taylor Steel, songwriter.  Set Straight from Richmond. Count Me Out from Hampton, Rebound from Newport News, Maddog from D.C

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