Ruggedy Annes - Casual Design and Other Songs -- 1985

Sometime 1986

Ruggedy Annes -- Casual Design

Ruggedy Annes - Hollow Heroes

Ruggedy Annes -- Dead & Gone 

It Came From The Pit - Starts with Ruggedy Annes

Debbie Wall -- Grandma Lama -- Cherry Bomb -- 2015

"The Ruggedy Annes were a band I was first exposed to from the "It Came from the Pit" Canadian compilation. They are from Manitoba, Canada. I ordered their EP in 1986 and it came with a fine letter from drummer, Debbie Wall. She said, 'Thank you for the order and the tidy profit as the exchange rate from US dollars and Canadian Dollars was about $.85 Canadian to $1.00 US.'

I took it to the local teen club Checkers in Hampton and asked the DJ to play it. He played it and it led me to meeting Jeff Gay and Mike Dunkin who ended up later  starting the band the K-9s and later Screaming Silence. Thanks Ruggedy Annes!"

We still go through this debate about what women can do. We hear that women can't work with other women. A whole line a bullshit. Listen to what these ladies produced. We didn't care who made the music. We just wanted to get our mosh pit on and they helped us do it." --Alex Nuttall

You can still pick up a copy of their LP "Jagged Thoughts" on Amazon:

Ruggedy Annes Were: 

Bass – Ruth Monk
Cover – Garbage Party
Drums – Debbie Wall
Engineer – Clive Perry
Guitar, Vocals – Margaret Fonseca
Photography By [Photos] – Diana Dawson
Producer – Jimmy Green (3)
Vocals – Jake Moore


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