Smash Racist Scum - Flyer

The Only Race Is The Human Race

Smash Racist Scum, The Only Race is the Human Race!

The true Skinhead Spirit has been threatened by bald racist boneheads claiming to be skinheads, but the true fact is they are not. True Skinheads believe in racial unity and proved so in the 1960's by uniting with West Indian Blacks who's Jamaican Style music called SKA brought the two together. Today the "True Spirit" is alive and Skinheads who's pride for original roots will smash racism!
--Origin Unknown -- Early Nineties or Late Eighties

Origin Unknown -- Early Nineties or Late Eighties Flyer

I thought this would be appropriate to post since the things happening in Charlottesville, Virginia the past day or two.

I got this mailed to me long time ago ,early Nineties,  late Eighties, possibly from New mexico. I'm not sure.

--LB 20170814

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