The Pearl - Tomorrow's Qatar, today!

15 August 2017

The Pearl... Tomorrow's Qatar, today!

The Pearl... Tomorrow's Qatar, today

The Pearl... Tomorrow's Qatar, today! Once you drive over the bridge to The Pearl from downtown Doha, you are transported to the future. The Pearl is a man-made island that juts out into the Persian Gulf, much like The Palm in Dubai. 

Qatar is slated to host the World Cup in 2022, and is undergoing a facelift country-wide. The Pearl, much like Downtown Doha, is a shining example of the forward thinking and social progressiveness Qatar is known for today. If you want to understand what Qatar might look like when the World Cup rolls into town, look no further than The Pearl. 

The Pearl is a veritable playground for the internationally wealthy and the common man alike. I myself, enjoyed fine Cuban cigars after days full of luxury shopping, sightseeing, and decadent meals. If you are an admirer of fine automobiles, brace yourself; for you will encounter everything from the newest model Rolls-Royce, to a barely street-legal McLaren! The Pearl is undoubtedly Qatar's nod to the future of the country, dripping with opulence and shining with the warmth of it's people's smiles.  

© William Hawkes / OgFOMK ArTS -- 2017 All Rights Reserved. Photo - "The Pearl... Tomorrow's Qatar, today!"

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