Tubing in Scottsville VA with Clyde

19 Aug 2017

We recently went on a tubing trip with a group of friends. It was in Scottsville, Virginia through a company called James River Runners. They had a pretty sweet setup. A parent of one of our group of friends decided to go with us. He had some reservation as to if whether he could make it through. 

The younger generation was excited about him going and encouraged him to join us on our adventure. We had a great weekend of bonding and getting back to Nature. Clyde at age 75 learned how to play beer pong with us. He was a trooper. He hung in with us all the way down the river. 

 But this is not really the story that I am here to tell.

This is a story about generational perspective. We were all more than willing to take care of Clyde. After all, he had taken care of us for so many years.  He had treated us as if we were all his very own children. With all that is going on in the world today Clyde had become increasingly pessimistic about the younger generation and what our world is in for. 

The following is a quote from Clyde after his experience with us on the trip:
"All in all the experience gave me a good look at the past generations of children we've raised. I have to say that we did a good job on this bunch. They watched me like a hawk. If the old man went under there were at least three or four of you all pulling me back up. I was impressed. Actually our old parties were rowdier. Good bunch of kids"
It's people like Clyde that know that it takes a village to raise a child. He knows that he has nurtured a generation that cares about and respects the hard work that our "families" did making the world a better place.

Tubing in Scottsville VA with Clyde
Tubing in Scottsville VA with Clyde

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