Briton Riviere "War Time" - 1874 - Chrysler Museum

17 Sep. 2017

About War Time

During a recent visit to the Chrysler Museum, an 1874 painting by Englishman, Briton Riviere, captured my canine imagination and left me wanting more. Riviere, a great dog lover himself, devoted much of his life to painting animals.  He said, “you can never a paint a dog unless you are fond of it.”  

Briton Riviere "War Time" - 1874 - Chrysler Museum
Briton Riviere "War Time" - 1874 - Chrysler Museum

Having studied at the London Royal Academy, Riviere’s brilliant use of texture,  detail, and contrasting colors is apparent. Here he uses them to capture a tragic scene, a father learning of the loss of his son during wartime.  War Time moved, inspired and captivated me such that I captured the painting with my ubiquitous, if not pedestrian, smart phone. 

You see, the Chrysler is so progressive and user friendly, it encourages its patrons to do the very thing we now do at least several times a week, screen shot its collection.  Amazing isn’t it? Me a 21st century dog lover, proud pet parent of two King Charles Cavalier Spaniels, with the press of a button, owns a piece of dog loving artistic history.

Briton Riviere "War Time" - 1874 - Chrysler Museum

The Above Placard Reads:

Briton Riviere, English, 1840-1920
War Time 1874, Oil on Canvas
"Briton Riviere achieved fame for his heartfelt depictions of dogs, and it is the devoted dogs in this painting that tell us there is something amiss with their master. Like them, we look at the old sheepherder, wondering why he has abandoned his distant flock and retreated to his farmyard. The newspaper in his hand provides the grim answer. It reports the death of his son in battle."  -- Chrysler Museum Exhibit

"Briton Riviere's poignant portrayal of an old shepherd mourning the loss of his son, the 1874 oil-on-canvas War Time, is now on view in Gallery 274. The painting is in quite good company, as that gallery contains works by Paul Gauguin, Edgar Degas, Pierre Auguste Renoir, Camille Pissarro, Edouard Manet and Auguste Rodin. You can see the Reviere work in our gallery below.  " -- Chrysler Museum: Recently Acquired Works Boost Collection

Gertrude Jewell is inspired by her connection with her dogs, Briton Riviere's "War Time" painting and the connections she is allowed to have and experience through Norfolk's Chrysler Museum. A modern progressive museum that allows her to connect in a meaningful way from the present to the past.

© Gertrude Jewell / OgFOMK ArTS -- 2017 All Rights Reserved. -Museum Inspiration - Briton Riviere "War Time" - 1874 - Chrysler Museum

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