Cluttered mind

20 Sept. 2017

High strung thoughts
Twisted inside the mind  
The past is on repeat
A soul that won't unwind                

The days yet to come  
The not yet determined  
Where Terror is from

The here, the now
Where the mind should rest
May be the reality
That delivers the ultimate test

Content quiet minds
Living in the moment
Is sometimes seen
 as the daunting component

Alone and lonely
They are not the same breed
Lonely, is for no one      
Alone,  is in great need

the path is greater traveled
Where there is no time
All are too busy
To heal their heart and mind

The road less traveled
Is one of tranquil feeling
A moment to sit
ALONE......start the healing.

The road less traveled
The road less traveled

Cluttered Mind, Poem

Cristy writes about struggle in this poem but she tactfully sees the end game as well. She knows that what we undergo as writers is part of what makes us end up as winners. Change, rhythm, breath all are parts of the process to healing. Heal we must. Heal we will.

© Cristy Johnson Bowen/ OgFOMK ArTS -- 2017 All Rights Reserved: Cluttered Mind, Poem

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