Fuzzy Gray Raindrop

She lays beside you
Out if all the places in the house
She chooses to be beside you

You can't deny
The pride you feel and
You want to brag to the whole world
But that's not what this
Is about

It's not about anything,
Not about

Her legs are juxtapose
In front of her nose
And she shapes
A raindrop
If you can imagine
Her furry feline body
As so

It's not so bad
When everything seems
To be in
You can be confident
That your struggle
Is worth it
When you know
You take care
Of the cat

Just a cat

Well, actually two cats
And a wife
And some plants

You may not be doing
The best job
But to her
You're doing just fine
Maybe to them all
You're doing just fine

The suggestion box
The litter box
Maybe they're the same
But at least the shit
Gets out there
And not on the street
And not on the floor
And not on the bed,
Not on the bed

Well maybe once
But it was your

Take it like a man

Move on

Sitting in bed
In composition form
With the gray fuzzy raindrop
Sleeping inches away

You can't even lay
She has taken over

To be honest
You weren't doing anything

Truth be known
You would have
Had she not taken a stand
To remind you
Your value

Who's taking care of who?

Dimka is a wonderful cat. She visited the authors house about a year ago. She's a beautiful Russian Blue cat. She was homeless. The author made a little house in front of his house to keep her out of the rain, comfortable and fed. She was begging to come inside.

The author said to his wife, " I'll watch this cat and if she is still around in five days I will take her to the SPCA to get her checked out."  Five days later the cat, the author and a makeshift cat carrier went to the SPCA in Norfolk. The cat was female. The cat was about 3 years old. She didn't have an idea the out fancy chip.

The author paid for her to get her shots. She had ear mites and fleas. The author get medicine for this and nursed her back to pristine condition.

At times it was difficult to put the drops in her ears, bathe her from fleas and cut her nails. He did it anyway.

Sometimes Dimka chased their other cat, Lena. They still are not quite friends.


© Alexander Nuttall / OgFOMK ArTS -- 2017 All Rights Reserved. - Poetry "Fuzzy Gray Raindrop"

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