Hard Times -- You Scared?

29 Sep. 2017

Every now and then, most of us get the urge to re-live the days of our past. You know, that care- free feeling of living life without consequences and pushing the limits of so-called sanity. All I had to hear was don't do it, and it was a go. I was most likely going to do it!!! At this point in the game of life, my decisions are a little more processed. But every now and then, I get the urge to do something outrageous, crazy, or just plain stupid, but within reason. It just makes me feel alive, youthful, and somewhat rebellious. Not you though, you're too mature for that. Too worried about what other people think, the strange looks you'll get, even though you can feel the need to let lose, burning deep in your soul. Not me!!

This feeling is often sparked by some type of spontaneous action, something people my age, would classify as childish.

It could be a group of attractive young ladies, or maybe gentlemen in your case. You're checking out the scene and then it happens, you guys lock eyes. That one you've been drooling over, and not to mention, way out of your league. Your so-called friends egging you on, giving you that false sense of confidence. Telling you, that you're the man, making you believe anything's possible!! Now you've finally worked up the nerve and approached the situation with the highest confidence. Things seemed to be going well, you've introduced yourself, made some small talk. Now you're ready, you ask for the number, but your request is muffled over another voice coming from behind, "Hey love, who’s your friend?" As she replies, "Oh we just met, what's your name again? So, you reintroduce yourself to the significant other and resign from your current job as a seat warmer. Yea, not the results you expected, but be proud you pushed yourself. Next time will be better, you've just stepped out of your comfort zone, now act your age. 

Or it could even be the sound of skateboard wheels rolling across the pavement, or even walking into your local skate shop. Either to browse or introduce your little ones to another one of your favorite pastimes you used to partake in, in your younger days. As soon you walk in, you're overwhelmed by this instant feeling of nostalgia. You show your kids some of the magazines, touch the decks, squeeze the wheels, and help them select the parts to assemble their first skateboard. As you travel down memory lane, you mentioned again that you used to skate, but since you're older now, you can't risk getting hurt because of your job. Oh really!! It's that what's really stopping you. Or are you afraid that you'll enjoy it, and that you will find that feeling you've been searching for. Remember you only live once, you could get hurt doing something as simple as walking, and there are 6 million ways to die. So, grab that board, meet new people, take chances, life your life, and do things that make you happy. You shouldn't be afraid to chase your youth, for a lot of us, that was the happy times. Be scared when you can no longer catch it.

You Scared? - Toney Herndon
You Scared? - Toney Herndon

Toney Herndon owns and operates Hard Times Skate Shop located in Craddock, Portsmouth VA. His shop is conveniently located  near the George Washington Park where there is a skate park. Tony's article hits a good point. Get active! Spend your hard earned dollars on something that is good for you and will help you enjoy life! Your spending hundreds of dollars a month on "Entertainment", gym membership and medical bills. Realign yourself and go skateboarding.

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