Skinhead Drawing - Late 1988 - 1989

Somewhere 1988/89
By Lon Bennett - Bio

Skinhead Drawing - Late 1988 - 1989
Skinhead Drawing - Late 1988 - 1989

As we saw in the flyer: "Smash Racist Scum" . The skins were not the racists of the Phil Donahue, Jerry Springer or Oprah Winfrey. But the numbers of racists skins grew because of those shows. 

Lon Bennett illustrates a skinhead who is patriotic to England. He's a working class fellow. In a nutshell skins hated paying for fancy haircuts. Also the various working class battle that would eventually come up did not leave room for chance to rip your head off. 

In the late 1980's Lon spent some time homeless, bumming around Richmond and then settling in DC where he met various factions of DC skins. He met some old timers who had established traditions and were working together to combat the gangs and drug organizations of the DC area. These skins were white, brown, red, yellow and black. 

We can't deny that the National Front or American Neo-Nazi's preyed on the working class whites. But those same working class whites loved Ska and Reggae. It was hard to hate the people who made the music you loved.

The late 'eighties were a turbulent time as are these days. People will want to band together out of fear of uncertainty. We are faced with the possibility of human annihilation, mistrust, nationalism and overt commercial consumption. We will be seeing guys like this again. 

In many cases the skinheads, punks, straightedge, metalheads, stoners, hippies and goths floated back and forth from circle to circle. It was a matter of loneliness, belonging and working out the problems of disturbed youth. --ED. Alex Nuttall

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