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For my son

28 July 2015

By Cristy Johnson Bowen - Bio

Message to my son on his Birthday

I still didnt know who i was
15 years ago on this day
The new life in front of me
Defined me in a special way

You were the first soul To come from me
the first life of mine
Everyone kept assuring me
Everything would be fine

Scared to death i took you home
Diapers flew and sleep was lost
I dont think you slept through the night
Until the very first frost

I wouldnt change a thing
I survived it all
The more you grew
The more i wanted you small

I've watched you struggle
I've watched you smile
Protecting your heart
All the while

The young man before me
Is strong loving and caring
Just like his father
This day is the day that my life became About
Being your mother

© Cristy Bowen / OgFOMK ArTS -- 2017 All Rights Reserved. - -"For my son"

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"Pistol City" - Richard Perkins and Brad Wainwright

By Toney Herndon - Bio

Saturday, It's a Saturday, Saturday, it's a Saturday!!!!!  This upcoming one, October 21, to be more specific.  You like art, right?  Of course, you do, and if you didn't, would you really admit to it?  Maybe, maybe not.  
Well, you like pictures, don't you?  I've seen all your selfies and food pictures of your various social media platforms, and your food tends to look burnt. Just kidding!!  How about some good music, skating (on a board), seeing the various offering of the city of Portsmouth, VA, frozen in time or even meeting some new people.  
Well this Saturday, from 5pm-8pm, photographers Richard Perkins and Brad Wainwright will host “Pistol City” a collection their photography that will be on display at Hard Times Skate Shop.  They will also have print available for sale.  So, if you’re looking for something to do this weekend, here you go. Come on out, check out some photos, mingle, and purchase nice things.

© Toney Herndon…

A Life Time

4 Oct. 2017 By Verna Peddi - Bio

When I was a little girl my father told me many stories about his family. My uncles were spread out around the United States and it was not very often we would see each other. Distance and finances was always the culprit, but we managed to see one another on occasion.
My Uncle Donald was a little different than Harold and Albert. Harold and Albert liked to chat and express themselves. My Uncle Donald on the other hand was introverted and kept to himself. I was able to comprehend things better when I was becoming an adult. My Uncle Donald with many young men of the 42nd Rainbow Division of the United States Army Air Corps liberated Dachau Concentration Camp on April 29, 1945.
My father in my opinion being well rounded and an intellectual was able to explain to me what these things meant and how my Uncle had changed from his experience in Germany. My Uncle was a young man and in a foreign country about to liberate a camp that was understood to be a pris…

NY Life Series: 1 - Mykel's Homo Holidays

3. Oct. 2017 By Mykel Board - Bio
For the past decade, I've been going to the CBST Yom Kippur services at the Javitz Center. CBST started as a gay synagogue and gradually expanded to include every misfit imaginable. Besides the LGTBQERSTUVWXYZ community, there are Black-White het couples. Arab-Jew het couples. Atheists with tradition... and those who hate the Pay-to-Pray requirements of most synagogues. 3000+ people... all welcome... pay only if you want.
I love CBST for Rabbi Kleinbaum, the little female rabbi who wears pink sneakers (favorite quote: I cannot believe in a God that requires you to believe in God.) ... and gets in trouble because she has such radical ideas as feeling sorry for the Palestinian children who were killed in the Israeli genocide war of the early 21st century.
One of the CBST social actions is to... EVERY Friday... come to the NYU mosque in near Washington Square... and stand with the Muslim worshipers.

They are not perfect, however. Be…