"Pistol City" - Richard Perkins and Brad Wainwright


Saturday, It's a Saturday, Saturday, it's a Saturday!!!!!  This upcoming one, October 21, to be more specific.  You like art, right?  Of course, you do, and if you didn't, would you really admit to it?  Maybe, maybe not.  

Well, you like pictures, don't you?  I've seen all your selfies and food pictures of your various social media platforms, and your food tends to look burnt. Just kidding!!  How about some good music, skating (on a board), seeing the various offering of the city of Portsmouth, VA, frozen in time or even meeting some new people.  

Well this Saturday, from 5pm-8pm, photographers Richard Perkins and Brad Wainwright will host “Pistol City” a collection their photography that will be on display at Hard Times Skate Shop.  They will also have print available for sale.  So, if you’re looking for something to do this weekend, here you go. Come on out, check out some photos, mingle, and purchase nice things.

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