NY Life Series: 1 - Mykel's Homo Holidays

3. Oct. 2017


For the past decade, I've been going to the CBST Yom Kippur services at the Javitz Center. CBST started as a gay synagogue and gradually expanded to include every misfit imaginable. Besides the LGTBQERSTUVWXYZ community, there are Black-White het couples. Arab-Jew het couples. Atheists with tradition... and those who hate the Pay-to-Pray requirements of most synagogues. 3000+ people... all welcome... pay only if you want.

I love CBST for Rabbi Kleinbaum, the little female rabbi who wears pink sneakers (favorite quote: I cannot believe in a God that requires you to believe in God.) ... and gets in trouble because she has such radical ideas as feeling sorry for the Palestinian children who were killed in the Israeli genocide war of the early 21st century.

One of the CBST social actions is to... EVERY Friday... come to the NYU mosque in near Washington Square... and stand with the Muslim worshipers.

CBST Members supporting the mosque

They are not perfect, however. Being Jewish and gayish, there are a lot of rich members. That means that some of their “special events” are not exactly to my tastes.

(I wonder how much she's getting paid)...

The 25-hour fast (No food. No Water/) starts at Sundown on Friday and continues to Sundown on Saturday, where I join Elena at Jody's for the BREAK FAST.

homocore band LIMP WRIST

Then it's on to Brooklyn, where my pal, Martin S has invited me to see his homocore band LIMP WRIST at the Brooklyn Bazaar. From fast to feast, I'd say:

Great show, and the audience is younger, but a similar mix of genders and preferences, to those who were at CBST.

To top off the 2 days of Jew and Punk homotude is the subway ride back to Manhattan. The poster on the wall?

One of those fake BANK OF AMERICA RAINBOW PRIDE posters? Nope.

Just this unintentional tribute to homotude:

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