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Mixed Media Series - Voodoo Healing Skull

30. Nov. 2017
By Lon Bennett - Bio

There is a reason that people will set an appointment days in advance from several hundred miles with Lon Bennett.  The appointment is not for healing, psychology or legal consultation. The appointment is for ink. Lon Bennett's ability to break down the fearful into the beautiful is the result of his street education and intellectual capabilities. He is a pro. He looks outside of himself and reaches inside to produce a masterful Constructive Technology Aggregate. His mixed media is no exception.
The mixed media "Voodoo Healing Skull" here is a gift. Observe it. Is it fear we need to to nurture? Do we need to fear the healing snake? Perhaps the fact that we all will die makes this day that much more beautiful.
© Lon Bennett / OgFOMK ArTS -- 2018 All Rights Reserved. - Mixed Media Series - "Voodoo Healing Skull"

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Mixed Media Series - Arabian Scented Column

29. Nov. 2017
By Lon Bennett - Bio

In this mixed media drawing the artist, Lon Bennett, captures a welcoming Arabian vessel that permeates spicy scents. The column to the right and the checkered floor show a sturdy reliable foundation and capitol. The tent or curtain while flowing reminds us of temporary conditions. Outside is the beautiful blue sky and grassy planes. The outside is just partitioned but not rejected. 
© Lon Bennett / OgFOMK ArTS -- 2017 All Rights Reserved. - Mixed Media Series - "Arabian Scented Column"

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Nothing Good Ever Happens

29. Nov. 2017
By Alex Nuttall - Bio

A Henrique Couto Movie!

Henrique Couto writes, directs and has a fantastic team of friends who act. This is the movie Nothing Good Ever Happens:

Henrique Couto writes, directs and produces some films that we were attracted to by Amazon Prime. In fact we had no idea who he was but after watching five of his movies we have to say that we love his work and the work of his team. Please watch this. Comment on it. Let him know that OgFOMK ArTS referred you!

 © Hernique Couto / OgFOMK ArTS -- 2017 All Rights Reserved. - Movies - Not Horror - "Nothing Good Ever Happens"

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In Which We Try to Separate the Art from the Artist

20. Nov. 2017
By Kim Breeding-Mercer - Bio

Thoughts on current affairs: harassment, lying, cover-ups, misdeeds and general douchery. Artists are people. People see art as both a commodity for consumption and a mystical power. Artists are supposed to be the stewards of said mystical power and be better than the people they sell their art to. People still want a say in what their dollar buys, up to and including the private lives of the artists. These ideas are all in a jumbled clash at the moment, causing a metric ton of butt-hurt.
As I pen these thoughts, I'm listening to an album by a band I fell in love with a few years ago. The music, the lyrics, the pageantry, the entire message and aesthetic hooked me deep. Earlier this year I came across some information about the leader of the band, how he'd supposedly screwed some former members, and that the whole thing was going to court.
Nay, good sir, whose voice and visage gave me such joy, whose message I took to heart, say it ai…

Books: Kim Cormack - Children of the Ankh Series

16. NOV. 2017
By Kim Cormack - Bio

Greetings OgFOMK readers. I'm Kim Cormack from Vancouver Island, Canada. Some of you paranormal fantasy lovers already know of my series. For the blog readers that haven't embraced their inner Dragon yet, I'll give you a quick rundown.

Book 1  - Sweet Sleep Take a trip into the metaphysical spiritual world with these endearing paranormal anti-heroes and wickedly titillating warriors. This will be unlike anything you've ever read.

Happy sixteenth birthday. Procreation with mortals is illegal under the immortal law. It doesn’t matter if your abilities are a genetic glitch or created by immortal blood because the Correction cannot tell the difference. They are coming to exterminate you and your entire genetic line. If you survive your Correction or show outstanding bravery in the face of insurmountable odds, you will be claimed by one of three clans of immortals residing on earth, Ankh, Trinity or Triad. Your soul will be branded, prohib…

Twenty years later, still contemplating what there is to do...

15. Nov. 2017
By Kim Breeding-Mercer - Bio

What is there to do? there are floors to be swept (to get dirty again)
there are toilets to clean (to be shit in again)
there are asses to kiss
and hands to shake (so they can bend you over)

there are stars to contemplate
there are flowers to smell
there are sunsets to watch

there are stories to be written
and re-written (to be rejected and revised)
there are songs to be thought of
songs that my voice would break to sing
lyrics that drown my eyes with tears
and tones, keys, pitches that make me shake, my skin crawl

there are dreams to bury (and pray they fertilize something)
there are nightmares to embrace as lovers
there are dead gods to pray to
there are years to live inside a shell

there are vows to break (and make again)
there are bills to pay
there are hopes to smash to pieces

there are steps not to be taken
steps forward
steps back
there are bridges to sigh at (and never cross)
there are guardian angels to neglect
and ignore
there are …

Review: Returning to Lauren Groff's Arcadia

14. Nov. 2017
By Ghillian Porter-Smith - Bio
"Pay attention...Not to the grand gesture, but to the passing breath."
With a mounting tower of new books on my nightstand, I chose to re-read Arcadia by Lauren Groff for the beauty and balm her prose always delivers. My hunger for new stories can leave me whirling with new names and fates. I decided to revisit a story where there could be no new surprises, where I could simply read to enjoy. I devoured this novel two years ago and was worried the magic may have faded in the wake of all I've read since. What happened instead was a gift. 
It’s the late 1960’s and our hero is Little Bit, a young boy whose world is a sprawling commune in the acres of upstate New York. His unique normal is a community of artists, pacifists, and dreamers who use their ingenuity, large-scale puppetry, knowledge of nature’s pharmacy, and fierce commitment to each other to re-create Eden. Little Bit believes with the certainty of a young child that…


12. Nov. 2017 By Mykel Board - Bio

This is a picture of a picture now hanging in the Museum of Modern Art here in NYC. The exhibit is from CLUB 57... a NYC club in the 80s the spawned the likes of Keith Harring, Michel Basquat, Anne Magnuson... and me.
This is part of a photo of ART, my first "band." (Me, Crackers on guitar, Kim Davis on Metronome, Lori Montana (shown) doing sign language. My t-shirts were always offensive. My demeanor: threatening in a funny (ha ha) way... just like now.

The original taken sometime in 1980.

If you're interested in more by me, check out:

Mykel Board's New York Life Series: Mykel Board and Lori Montana, 1980, Club 57, New York

© Mykel Board / OgFOMK ArTS -- 2017 All Rights Reserved. - THE NY LIFE SERIES - NUMBER 2 OF SERIES - "A Museum Piece"

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Square Peg: #NoBill24

15. Oct. 2017 By Debbie Wall - Bio

Bill 24 "Red Tape Reduction and Government Efficiency Act"  (Proposed: Winnipeg, MB, Canada)  (UPDATE: It Was Passed!)      Poor, poor Mother Earth.  She already bears too many scars that she does not deserve.  I wonder how many more fresh wounds she can withstand before she succumbs?  There are too many people on this planet and too many of those living large and  a big component of that is our seemingly insatiable addiction to meat.
     Globally, 66 billion land animals are killed for food each year.  Animal agriculture is responsible for environmental degradation, habitat destruction, species extinction, uses vast quantities of fossil fuels and our precious water and, according to a UN report, produces more green house gases than all forms of transport combined.  A meat-eating cyclist uses more resources than a car driving vegan.  Adding industrial hog barns to our landscape has as much a place in a “made-in-Manitoba” green plan as wou…