Square Peg: Wolves Vital To Environment Of The North

5. Nov. 2017

A Letter to the Winnipeg Free Press

The poisons used to kill carnivores cause extended, excruciating deaths due to convulsions that lead to asphyxiation and cardiac arrest. But because they are so indiscriminate in nature, non-target animals who encounter them, including endangered species and pets, also die in a horrible fashion. As well, these poisons are food chain killers so even those feeding upon the remains of those initially ingesting them become victims.

It is time our country joins the others who have banned the use of these horribly cruel substances in favor of humane alternatives. Our beautiful wilderness areas and the wild beings who inhabit them are part of our Canadian identity. Booby trapping the landscape with poisons, snares and traps should not be.

Wolves Vital To Environment Of The North - Debbie Wall
Wolves Vital To Environment Of The North - Debbie Wall

Debbie Wall

Debbie Wall writes to the Winnipeg Free Press about the poisoning of Wolves in Canada.

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