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Norfolk Public Library - Author Fair - Ken Poyner

31. Jan. 2018 By Ken Poyner - Bio

Author Ken Poyner will be reading and selling his latest four books at the Norfolk Public Library’s Author Fair on March 3-4 at Slover Library in downtown Norfolk.More information, and a list of showcased authors, soon to be available at

Author Ken Poyner will be reading and selling his latest four books at the Norfolk Public Library’s Author Fair on March 3-4 at Slover Library in downtown Norfolk.  More information, and a list of showcased authors, soon to be available at

See More of Ken Poyner's work at:

© Ken Poyner / OgFOMK ArTS -- 2018 All Rights Reserved. - March 3-4, 2018 - Norfolk Public Library - Author Fair - Slover Library 2018

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Tim Skiba Business - The New Gold Mine

29. Jan. 2018 By Tim Skiba - Bio

Bitcoin, ethereum, dragonchain, blockchain, mining, staking, and node. Words to a whole new industry that is going to affect every single one of us one way, shape or another. I have seen things come and go. I’m in my 50s. I remember the beginning of the cell phone industry. I had the big block phone. I remember the .com bubble. I suffered through the real estate bubble. 
Question: Is this just a fad is this just another bubble?
The real answer is, yes, to all of it. But a better question is: How is it going to affect us? Is it going to be a long-term impact on our lives and our way of doing business?
Once again the answer is, yes.  Yes it will affect us. Yes it will impact the way we do business. 
If we don’t open our eyes to the vocabulary and this way of doing business with this new technology it will come and impact your life without you even knowing it. How this impacts your life could be positive or it could be negative. 
I am new to this industr…

Books - The Book of Robot - The Robotics Problem

28 Jan. 2018 By Ken Poyner - Bio


How many robots does it take
To change a light bulb?
This is your central question.
Is it a matter
Of sufficient programming
So that the robot will know what it is to do;
Or a task of putting the necessary elements in order
Starting with a random beginning?
Is it the ability,
Both hardware and software,
To recognize varying sockets,
To fumble through the case
Of available light bulbs and not be tempted
To try one that will not fit only because
One that will fit is not present?
It could be the idea of pressure
Both holding the bulb and twisting
It into the socket. Or it could be
Cooperation: more than one robot,
Each robot understanding its own part
In the larger operation, each with its specialties:
With each enlightened robot understanding
No one robot has the entire picture.
It takes each robot doing its part,
With the working collective of robots
All fully understanding this.
There is the pure mechanical dexterity
Of one robo…

Movie Review - Sheba, Baby

12. Jan. 2018 By Alex Nuttall - Bio

It was well past midnight. Try 2 a.m. early. We don’t have cable so we watch what the rabbit ears bring. Our rabbit ears brought us the Bounce network. The Bounce network brought us Sheba, Baby with actress Pam Grier. We made some sleepy tea and watched a masterpiece.
Superficially we thought this was a blacksploitation film. The “Hey, jive turkey!” was the flag. But the movie was moving so fast we didn’t have time to judge anymore. We were hooked.
There are lot’s a great movie things to enjoy: Pimps, loan sharks, boats, yachts, assault rifles, uzis, explosions, murder, and fight scenes. But that’s the surface. Underneath you can tell everyone who made the movie was having a good time.
Our favorite scene was when Pam Grier goes commando in a wet suit. She reminds us of Sean Connery as James Bond. She is really in the water. She is really swimming.  Of course her makeup is perfect and her hair is intact.  The wet suit is exactly her size so we know …

Red Ridding Hood, Reclaimed

6 Jan. 2018 By Ken Poyner - Bio

It was a lie, but this could work if everyone sticks to the script.
So I put on my red cape and set out for grandmother’s house: which is no place as idyllic as the vacation cottage referenced in all the books. No. More of a run-down carriage house, spared when the ramshackle carriage barn was razed as a public hazard: a spindle of antiques cluttering the advance of the wilderness. Grandmother had set up a small living space in the back and we were always bringing her supplies, the necessaries of life. These things she could never afford herself, having raised a family and spent her youth pushing out the next shoe-struck generation; and if it weren’t for our regular delivery service, the old lady long ago would have expired simply of yellow-eyed want.
So she was amenable when the wolf and I made our proposal: why wouldn’t she, just two afternoons a week, take a long walk: go see the woodsman, busy herself with a little social conversation, or simply coun…

While You Aren't Here

7 Jan. 2018 Tom Deans - Bio
Very Real and Very Far From My Banal Middle-Aged Life I pretty much hate my successful friends. Ok, so maybe hate is a strong word. 
Social media, specifically Facebook and Instagram for me, is the devil. That's where my marginally acquainted human beings display their extravagant vacations, new cars and perfect families. I will review these items with loathsome regularity and ceremoniously feel horrible about myself. Now I know not everything is as it may seem, but enough I suspect is very real and very far from my banal middle-aged life. Hmmm... how's that for the name of an unwatched soon- to- be canceled television show?
Should I be posting pics of me eating my cheese toast with a tall glass of chocolate milk? Or driving in my shitty car to my underpaying and underappreciating job? That's one of 4 jobs I might add.
No, that's not gonna happen. I will continue to read the statuses of people who pass through my life with varying degrees of…

Velvet Reverend Al -- The State of Meditation Address

6. Jan 2018 By Alex Nuttall - Bio

Preface to the Address:
In 1988 I was given a book on Buddhism. My friend and young Republican, Raul said: “Alex, I think you will benefit from this practice.” I was 18 and already I had ideas of yoga, meditation and the lot of spiritual practices. The easy key was to do it and not talk about it. I did the opposite.
Sure I practiced some. Sure I took the occasional yoga class or meditation sit in. Mostly I just talked about it.
Things were getting serious all of the time. Overwhelmingly serious. I was vibrating at a frantic pace and I was headed for destruction. Always there was destruction.
In 1995 I joined the Army National Guard. My religion was Hindu. That’s what my dog tags said. That’s what I decided I was. I was a Kshatriya! I figured that I needed to submit to some training and respectfully I chose the Army.
In my 4th year of my National Guard position I requested that my religion be known as Buddhist. I submitted my paperwork and I received …

Square Peg: Farm Animals Being Trucked in Winter

5. Jan. 2018  By Debbie Wall - Bio

All this cold weather reporting from every conceivable angle, yet not one drop of ink for the plight of farmed animals being trucked down our highways in trailers that are unheated and often open sided. 
Canada has some of the weakest animal protection laws in the Western world and those pertaining to their transportation are no exception.  Over 750 million land animals are raised for food in this country every year and all must endure being transported to their deaths.  Depending on species, that potentially means 36 to 52 continuous hours with no food, water or rest.  
According to the government's own statistics, hundreds of thousands of them die en route.  At this time of year, hundreds of thousands more will arrive severely frost-bitten or frozen to the sides of trailers.  Imagine the marked increase in coverage . . . and outrage . . . this would get if the story involved one dog freezing to death in the back of a pick-up truck.

Debbie Wal…

Perilous Promenade

4. Jan. 2018 By Ken Poyner - Bio

We were not ready. All of us have been aware for time unyielding that they were growing more numerous, spreading cloud-like in our midst. Each of us has had to gingerly steer around one as he or she stood perilous unaware of the human foot tracking going parted past. Who has not been jostled as one sped inconsolably towards a locational goal? Who has not been stopped in predicted progress while two of them in the middle of the planned pathway stand gamboling with each other in unlacquered, rambling conversation.
Yes. Mall Zombies. We thought we had more time to design a defense, to craft a response, to dream an insidious offense. But they are everywhere now.
They step out of stores, move three feet into the shuffling pedestrian traffic, stop, and begin looking about as if for victims. Or as if they had never seen this nation and were trying to fix their unfamiliarity. They shuffle in design like a ping-pong ball in a tornado of paddles. Or t…

Review: Unlikely Hero in The Orphan Master's Son by Adam Johnson

3 Jan. 2018
By Ghillian Porter-Smith - Bio

“The way you dig in a boot for old sticky toes is the way you spring a trapdoor in a DMZ tunnel or pull a stranger off a beach in Japan: you just take that breath and go.”

With North Korea much on my mind and frighteningly much in the news, I turned to The Orphan Master’s Son by Adam Johnson to provide some literary clarity. I knew almost nothing about this tiny, militant half-a-peninsula and educating oneself on the truth of a nation by reaching for fiction is arguably not the best solution. But after reading Mr. Johnson’s novel - astounded Korea experts have deemed it strong enough to be confused with a memoir - the curtains guarding North Korean daily life have thinned, allowing a glimmer of what could very well be truth laced through a cracking good tale of spies, love, adventure, and national insanity. It’s a believable fiction set in an unverifiable locale, a country Mr. Johnson has said is too often dismissed as no more than a grab-bag…

The Rather Epic Children of Ankh Side Series

1. Jan 2018
By Kim Cormack - Bio

After many years lost in places void of humanity, Grey found her. He introduced her to a partially immortal family. She’d been saved in so many ways by the Ankh. They were the family that she had always been destined to find. They would teach her to embrace the dragon that resided within her. She would learn that both the dark side of her spirit and light were equally important. Lexy of Ankh was a weapon, unmatched by any member of the other clans. She would fight for all that is good even though most of the time her heart remained lost in the darkness. Greydon tried to be her handler, but Lexy of Ankh was meant to be a WILD THING. 
In book one of the side series, we follow Lexy of Ankh through the trauma that creates her Dragon self. In the Children of Ankh series, a Dragon is a warrior capable of turning their emotions off completely to accomplish tasks impossible to those with pesky little problems like empathy and a conscience. Lexy of Ankh become…